Traveller guide

Traveller guide

Everyone loves to enjoy wonderful holiday by exploring some of the best and most fascinating destinations and to enjoy the best time y getting to know more about cuisines globally. There are numerous travelers who usually carry a camera by their side to click a few pictures to cherish them later.  Some of them also carry a laptop and Smartphone to ensure that they are in touch with their friends and relatives through all modes of communication like social media, contact numbers and email. The fact cannot be denied that travelling to different parts of the world is not a good idea as you may also face some problems and restrictions over using internet connection for selected sites.

There are numerous websites and URL banned in China and different parts of the world under strict censorship. With the mobility, you may also get with smart devices. You are exposed to all kind of viruses, hackers and other online threats created by cyber-goons. Here, the main thing comes in mind how to protect your data and devices unless you are fully prepared to face the problem. Here are some of the important and easy tips with you so you can enjoy travelling without spending sleepless nights worrying about your data security.

Increase Safety and Security Standards of Your Phone

It is important to keep your phone screen locked all the time. If you are not doing so, you are more prone to online privacy by leaving it weak to attacks by third persons.

Don’t Use Public PCs or Avoid Using Them

If you have emergency or you are running out of options, then use the public PC. Log in to your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and other social networking or email accounts at public PCs is more prone to give an open invitation to hackers and cyber-goons. Here, you may lose your data, or you may be robbed off your money.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi As It Can Make a Mockery of Your Security

If you are using public Wi-Fi to connect your device, you might consider lying down on a busy highway with your eyes closed. Public Wi-Fi is not safe to use as it may connect on the same network used by hackers. In this way, chances are you will open your social networking site or email address to see if you have received latest updates. From such network connection, hackers steal all your data.

Avoid Checking Social Networking Sites during Your Tour to Strange Place

It may be irritating suggestions to most of the people. But the fact is that checking in is not a good decision, especially when you are travelling abroad. It is advisable for you to turn-off your geo-tagging system to remain safe from the hackers and to avoid sending your location data to agencies like GCHO and NSA.

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It is the best decision to using a VPN server, but paid. VPN Services with a proxy service is a tool that is only used for unblocking websites and applications. A VPN Service can bring in extra layer of security to your device and protect your data from being theft by the hackers and surveillance agencies.

By following these simple tips, you can protect your important data or get rid of any chance of misuse of your ID and other details by hackers. There is a lot more that you will get by following these few simple tips. Best VPN is the right platform to provide you precise information and at the same time use of VPN services in a safe and secure way.



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