Surfshark VPN Coupon 2024: Discounts & Offers

In this modern-day age, a VPN has become an essential accessory for internet users. The faster you realize it, the faster you can get into the habit of secure internet browsing. Check out my Surfshark coupon code to start the journey with a massive discount!

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Last updated: 8 April 2024

Surfshark Coupon Code

Surfshark VPN Coupon: 82% OFF + 2 Months FREE
Limited time offer only, 82% OFF + 2 months FREE!

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Surfshark VPN Offer: Free trial – 30 Days
Surfshark offers you a 30-days free trial. Get a full refund if you are not satisfied.

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The reason you might not be using a VPN yet is probably the cost. Or, you’re using a free VPN and thinking it’s all good. But trust me when I say this, it’s not. You need proper VPN software if you really want your internet experience to be safe. Hence, I got a massive discount offer for a very well-known provider.

All you have to do is use my Surfshark VPN Coupons and say bye to the worry of spending more than you want to!

About Surfshark VPN

To be honest, Surfshark VPN is nowhere near to be the best choice. At least not for me. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad choice. I consider myself an advanced internet user and I use it for things most people don’t.

That’s why you can get by using the Surfshark coupon code instead of the one I use. Which one is it you ask? Well, it’s ExpressVPN and I strongly believe it’s the best there is.

surfshark coupon

Coming back to the point, the Surfshark VPN coupon code is your way to get the best deal possible and it couldn’t be a better time than now. The company is offering a massive discount as you’re reading this guide.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should get it or not because of what I said earlier, don’t bother about it too much. Rather, you can read my Surfshark review to know about the features and it should help make the decision easier.

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Surfshark at a Glance

When compared to the most of competition, the Surfshark VPN discount code is relatively new. Surfshark VPN came into operation back in 2018, when the VPN market was already established. The fact that Surfshark still got my attention shows that it has some serious features to boast.

The first feature of Surfshark is the ad blocker feature. I’m aware that you can use standalone 3rd party plugins and software to block ads that pop up. But wouldn’t it be great if the VPN itself could block the ads?

Surfshark VPN calls it the CleanWeb feature. You get it? It’s because you get a “web” experience free of ads, trackers, or phishing attempts, making it “clean”.

Another great feature in my opinion is the use of unlimited devices. Although I shouldn’t say this, you can share your account with friends and family to divide the cost. Then again, the whole reason I’m doing this Surfshark VPN coupon guide is so that you don’t have to think about the cost.

The “NoBorders Mode” also got me thinking about using this VPN myself. It simply means that you can access content from anywhere in the world, as long as the provider has a server. You can also visit any country in the world and use this VPN software from there, no restrictions apply.

Surfshark also boasts common VPN features like a camouflage mode, AES-256-GCM encryption, IKEv2/IPsec protocols, a strict no-logging policy, and a kill switch.

Feature Value
Does it register your activities? No, you're safe with a strict no-log policy
Is it safe for torrenting? Yes, you can use it for P2P
What Netflix catalogue is available? US, UK, IN, IT, NO, DE, AU, JP, KR, PL, FR, CA, TR, SE, SG, NL
Simultaneous logins Up to ∞ connections simultaneously
How many countries do it cover? 100+
On what platforms is it available? iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, FireTV, Apple TV, smart TVs, Xbox, Playstation
Money-back guarantee policy 30 days
Available protocols WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN
Type of traffic data? Unlimited
Type of Cipher AES 256 bits, the most secure encryption in the World
How many IP Addresses does it provide? This provider does not disclose the number
How many servers are available? 3,200+

VPN Price with Surfshark Coupons

So, I’ve finally reached the section you’ve been waiting for. All about the offer that you can use the Surfshark coupons for. It’s probably the cheapest paid VPN you can get right now. Please note that “cheapest” is not a negative keyword here. Rather, it’s a compliment to the company.

surfshark coupon code

The offer is on the 2-year or 24 months plan, which is currently the only play Surfshark VPN coupon code offers. You can subscribe for a measly £1.85 a month! Yes, you read that right! That’s a humongous 82% off the regular price. So, it’s going to cost you £48.05 for the whole 24 months tenure.

It’s going to be a one-time payment, so you can just subscribe right now and forget about it. You’ll get the reminder to renew the plan after 2 years.

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How to Use the Surfshark Code

If you’re waiting for a coupon code that you can enter, I have to disappoint you. There’s no such thing. Rather, it’s an existing offer that’s been already embedded. All you have to do is get on board the wagon. Here’s how.

surfshark coupons

  1. You should see a special link on this guide. Click on it and your 82% discount offer will automatically be activated.
  2. There’s no hassle of choosing the right plan because there’s only one. You’ll get the details of the offer once you enter the link.
  3. Enter your credit card number and other necessary information to let SurfShark complete the billing. For the first month, you get a 100% moneyback guarantee as well. Not every VPN provider has the guts to offer such a guarantee.

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Can I use more than one Surfshark discount code?

No, you cannot. Unfortunately, that’s not how the Surfshark VPN coupon code work. There are no coupons to enter in the first place. Once you have it activated, you can just start using it by downloading the right client for your device. However, you can use different email addresses and different credit cards if you want to claim the offer more than once.

Can I use Surfshark coupons for an existing subscription?

It’s another no for you. The Surfshark promo code is only for new purchases. Unless your subscription has expired, you can’t get this offer. But you can encourage your friends and family to purchase it. You can share an account with them when your subscription finally expires.

Will I get discounts on every plan of VPN with the deal?

At the time of writing, Surfshark only offers 1 plan. So, the question of whether you can use the coupon for more than 1 plan is irrelevant.

surfshark vpn coupon code

Are there Surfshark coupons for free version?

There are no free versions for Surfshark. So, you can’t use the Surfshark voucher code to get a free version. However, the company is offering a 100% moneyback guarantee for the first month. If you’re unhappy with the service, you’ll get the entire subscription refunded. Although I’m sure that’s not going to happen.

How often does Surfshark offer new deals and discounts?

For the most part, it’s really hard to determine. Different VPN providers have different modalities regarding how they want to run promotional activities. That’s what the Surfshark VPN coupon code is, a promotional activity. It can be any time during the year with no prior notice.

In my experience, the holiday season is the most likely time during the year when you might get a coupon Surfshark. By holiday season I mean Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. occasions. You can also keep an eye on my website and even bookmark this page because if there’s an offer, I’ll be the first one to let you know.


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