Top VPN 2024: My reviews of the top VPN software services

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You’ll find below my top VPN services. Indeed, I have tested and classified all these VPN providers. In my reviews, I introduce their service and give you my opinion on each of these VPNs. Most of them offer similar services. But all of them are different. While some focus on your privacy, others focus on the speed for streaming, gaming and downloading. And even the VPN at the bottom of my ranking may be the best solution for you, having the features you are looking for.

My top 20 VPN services 2024

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How did I create this top VPN apps ranking?

Because you need to understand how I built this top VPN services table, here are all the criteria I used to rank the different providers. While most of them are objective, there are also subjective criteria. For example, the experience with the VPN website or the contact with their after sales service. And experience can differ a lot from one user to the next. However, these are reliable providers serving millions of users every month. So they should know how to guarantee the best support.

1. Maximum Speed

First of all, a major point to assess a VPN provider is the speed it offers. Since all your traffic will be going through the server of the VPN provider, the speed of your internet will depend on the latter, once you are connected. Therefore, in the worst case scenario: Your VPN will slow down your internet speed to the point of a dial-up connection… Seems like you definitely DON’T want that, right? So, to appear in the top ten VPN list, the provider must guarantee the highest possible speed.

2. Bypass geo-restrictions

You thought that all VPNs would allow you to watch US Netflix? Or to watch UK TV abroad? Unfortunately, you’re gonna be disappointed… Because some VPN don’t work with some websites or services: The IP addresses of their servers are blocked. And that’s true, even with a top free VPN.

this is not a top vpn
Therefore, even with some VPNs you could not be able to access restricted and censored websites. That’s why you’d better check my top VPN softwares, and the comparisons for your service.

3. Privacy and anonymity

When you’re surfing on the Internet, you leave traces of your activity. A bit like Hansel and his bread crumbs. However the bread crumbs don’t disappear… And snoopers can use them to track and identify you. But a VPN should always protect your privacy and allow you to surf anonymously.

And there are some features that only the top VPN services provide to protect your privacy, like the kill switch and the protection against DNS leaks. So if you’re planning to download torrents, make sure you get these features! And if you’re not sure, all my top rated VPN do include them.

4. User-friendly

The ease of setup is an important criterion, of course. And the top VPN providers should have a user-friendly installation and interface. VPN are consumer products now, and with the competition on the market, they’re getting better and better and easier to set up and use. No need to be a bearded geek anymore to enjoy a safe surf!

beta testing top vpn services

5. Native apps for all your devices

It’s almost an evidence you want a VPN for your computer (laptop or desktop). And most VPN providers offer apps for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

But is that enough? Because the coverage of data networks keeps getting wider and wider and their speed keeps getting faster and faster. And there’s a high chance that you will be surfing the Internet with your phone or your tablet more and more. Hence, the best VPN providers should have the option to cover also all your mobile devices. Finally, if you’re a gamer, some VPN offer a solution to use on your console!

6. Affordable

Finally, and I could have put this one first: The price is important. But it’s not that crucial when looking for the top VPN services. Because most VPN offer a similar price tag. While you can find the cheapest one, we’re talking of a £20 difference here, over the course of a year…

There are many VPN solutions on the market: Some of them are even “free”. But this is not a top free VPN list. And you should use these at your own risks. Because you know the saying: “If You’re Not Paying For It, You Become The Product”. Your browsing data have a value for companies and marketers. Some unscrupulous companies might use them for commercial purpose, or worse… Therefore, you need to define a budget to allocate on your VPN service.

Top VPN: Conclusion

If you want to buy VPN, then you have all the elements to make an informed decision. Indeed, I’ve listed the top 20 VPN software. And you know the criteria to look for when looking for a provider. While the price is one of them, it’s the last of my criteria. Because the difference is not that important in the end. But what’s of the utmost importance is that you forget about your VPN.

What I mean is that your top VPN should be connected at all times, to protect your privacy. And you shouldn’t even think about it. Because it should be fast enough to provide the best experience with streaming, downloading and gaming. And the only time when you should change your VPN server is when you want to bypass geo-restrictions.

Privacy is a right, protect it!

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