Cheap VPN UK 2024: What is the best cheap VPN on the market?

Like in most sectors, the more you spend on a VPN service, the better it tends to be. However, that’s not always the case, so don’t get caught out! For instance, the cheapest VPN UK mentioned on my site is actually one of the best VPNs I've ever reviewed. VPN prices don’t only depend on the size of the network and the quality of the service, they also differ depending on the sales strategy of the company. Above all, you need to make sure that the cheap VPN UK you want is a cheap reliable VPN service. In this article, I’m going to help you discover the best cheap VPN UK providers on the market.

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Is a cheap UK VPN really worth it?

If you’re no newbie to this site, you’ll already know what a VPN is and all the benefits you can gain from one. Alternatively, for those that are new round these parts, take a look at the above guide to get started. For today’s article, all you need to know is that a low cost VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an end-to-end encrypted connection. And you use it to connect to the internet for the following main reasons:

Anonymous surfing and privacy protection

Privacy protection is a right and we must defend it tooth and nail. Although you might think you have nothing to hide, it’s worth remembering that Internet service provider (ISP) can see and record everything yo do on the Internet. What’s more, your own government can legally spy on your online activity, without even the need for a warrant.

Privacy and security concerns are the main reason people look for a cheap UK VPN. Though the internet is a beautiful (and weird) place, it can be dangerous too: We all leave traces of our visits and personal data on over the web. These bits of information are anonymous, yet it’s still possible for snoopers to uncover your location and your identity by gathering it altogether. And that’s why I recommend you to always use the best and cheapest VPN UK provides available while while connected to the Internet, on all your devices. Sure, you could fork out a pretty penny for an expensive service, but the best cheap VPN UK will do just as good a job.

Whatever happens, the best cheap VPN UK services don’t erase all traces of your online activity. However, they do erase enough so that you leave no digital footprint. How? An expensive or cheap UK VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and its server locations. By doing this, it protects your data from snoopers (your ISP, your government, or hackers).

In addition, it anonymizes your IP address. In fact, it replaces it with the IP of its own server – so that websites have no clue you’re actually visiting them. The IP address the website will see belongs to the server, so the website will assume you are said server. Meaning you can pretty much browse anonymously as there is no way link the site requests to your real IP address.

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Content access and censorship avoidance

Another popular use of cheap VPN services is to work around censorship and access geo-restricted content. You can’t use Facebook in China, unblock US Netflix from the UK, or watch BBC iPlayer from abroad. Trust me, I’ve tried already during my numerous business trips.

By using the cheapest VPN UK, you can emulate your location anywhere in the world. At least, anywhere your provider offers servers. In fact, if you are looking for a VPN in order to access content from anywhere, I do suggest you try ExpressVPN for free. Most cheap UK VPN providers do not have servers on all continents and are quite limited. By using ExpressVPN you can connect to the country where content is accessible and get around restrictions. Suddenly, you can access Facebook in China, unblock US Netflix, and watch iPlayer. You get the idea.

a cheap vpn uk to bypass censorship

You’re in China and your provider has 3 servers. As a result, you can pretend to be in the US, in the UK or in Australia. You can bypass Chinese censorship and access content in these 3 countries.

Pro tip from Wade

Unblocking content is one thing. But don’t forget about the speed of the service. To access a streaming website, you still need to have a perfect connection and a high speed. Otherwise, you’ll see the loading screen way too often!

What you need: The best cheap VPN UK

So you want a VPN cheap. I can give you a list of the cheapest VPN services available, but you want one that actually works. You wouldn’t want to start using the cheapest VPN UK, only to find it doesn’t actually protect your privacy and instead leaks your sensitive data. Nor would you want to find the cheapest VPN UK has to offer, only to realise it can’t unblock geo-restricted content, right? I didn’t think so.

Instead, you should lookout for cheap UK VPN providers that enforce a strict no logs policy, as well a offering additional security features like a Kill Switch and DNS leak protection, for example. A provider that has a number of servers across all continents are better for those wanting to access geo-blocked content. And if you want to download torrents, you need to make sure you find the cheapest VPN UK that can actually bypass P2P blocks.

best cheap vpn diagram

How much does a cheap UK VPN cost?

First of all, even the cheapest VPN UK isn’t free, sorry. While there are dozens of free VPNs available, I’d strongly recommend you to stay well away from them.

Why? Well, the reason is very simple: They’re unreliable at best, and dangerous at worst.

Nothing is free in this life, so choosing the best cheap VPN UK has to offer, is a much better idea than going for a completely free option. Cheap UK VPN providers have invested heavily in infrastructure and teams of professionals so that you can enjoy online privacy and security. And without having each customer pay a small fee each month or annually, how do free VPNs afford all this tech?

cheap vpn service is better than free

Well, this is very simple: Your data is their real product!

Everything you do on the Internet through their client is logged in their servers. This data is then sold to third parties, or whoever places the highest bid. Your personal information is worth their weight in gold, meaning their free VPN service actually becomes a pretty lucrative business for them, while you don’t benefit at all.

Having your data sold is the least of your worries, too. Sometimes, these ill-intentioned individuals or companies sell personal and sensitive information such as your identity, credit card details, meaning you could easily sign yourself up to become a victim of fraud. Free VPN services like Hola, have been found to sell your bandwidth, so like when you see candy on the street, it’s better to just stay away from freebies.

Instead, go for the cheapest VPN UK provider to save yourself a lot of trouble. CyberGhost, the best cheap VPN UK, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free with no strings attached. If you’re not satisfied with the service within a month, you can contact their customer support to get a full refund.

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The best cheap VPN UK

There are thousands of VPN providers on the market. Many of them offer several year plans to reduce the bill. Luckily for you, you don’t need to waste time trying a million and one different services, I’ve reviewed them all already for you. When I test cheap UK VPN services, I rank each through three main criteria, which you can find in my top VPN software article. To keep things short and sweet, I’ve created the below list of the best and cheapest VPN UK which offer the cheapest prices and the best service.


Your quest to find the best cheap VPN UK is complete. Hopefully, in this guide you’ve learnt that price doesn’t always reflect quality of service, and you can protect your privacy without ruining yourself. Whatever happens, you can stay safe on the internet while also enjoying all the other features a cheap UK VPN has to offer by choosing one of the services I’ve recommended. In addition, if you are looking for a VPN that allows you to access content from anywhere, try ExpressVPN for free.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

This was my guide: Cheap VPN UK 2024: What is the best cheap VPN UK on the market? Stay tuned for more articles coming soon.


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