My exclusive VPN coupon codes for 2022

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If you’re looking for the best VPN coupons, discounts and deals, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone loves a discount, and even if VPNs don’t cost a lot in the first place, there’s always room to save a little cash. Keep reading to find out all the best deals for VPNs this week (I keep this list updated, so you’ll never be without!), or take a look around on my site to see how to get the most out of your coupon VPN.

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The Best VPN Deals

I’m guessing, if you’re looking for VPN codes, you probably already know what a VPN is. However, what you might not have known is that they’re pretty affordable even without a VPN coupon. And, the more months you sign up for, the more discount you can get. Most VPNs cost around the price of a fancy coffee each month, but it’s always nice to save a little money when you can. That’s why I’m here to share all the top VPN promo codes – so that you can bag yourself an absolute bargain.

I’ve already done a lot of the hard work for you, by scouring the internet for good VPN deals and testing whether they’re the real deal. All you have to do is choose one that takes your fancy.

VPN coupons and best deals

Best All Round
ExpressVPN | Review and cost 2022
ExpressVPN UK is one of the oldest and most popular VPNs available, and it's still one of my favourites. Why? First, it offers a high-speed connection. Second, it covers over 90 countries (when ...
Best Value
NordVPN | Review and cost 2022
NordVPN has been on the market only a few years. But it's growing fast lately. The VPN is provided by a company in Panama, where there are no data retention laws. They promote an Internet without censorship or surveillance. So with them it's all about privacy. But they know what we want too: A high speed and a strict no log policy.
Surfshark VPN | Review and cost 2022
There are a ton of new VPN providers popping up nowadays. And if you're looking to get one, it can be kind of confusing since you won't know which is the best for you. Hopefully, this Surfshark ...
IPVanish | Review and cost 2022
IPVanish has been in the VPN market for over 15 years now. It's widely renown for its extreme secure connection (NAT Firewall included in all packages), its high speed (most gamers choose this VPN to play online), and its simplicity of use.
CyberGhost | Review and cost 2022
CyberGhost is a great VPN run by a Romanian company, which launched their service in 2011. They carry out a genuine commitment to privacy. And their location allows users to avoid any EU data ...
Zenmate | Review and cost 2022
Zenmate is a German VPN. And they provide a VPN service that encrypts your connection. Therefore it protects your privacy and increase your security.
Private Internet Access | Review and cost 2022
Private Internet Access, or PIA VPN for insiders, is famous for its logless policy and popular among torrent users. It all started in 2010, when London Trust Media launched this service. And despite its English name, its headquarters are in Denver, Colorado! So should you be concerned about a VPN located in a Five Eye country?
VyprVPN | Review and cost 2022
VyprVPN is the VPN of a Swiss company, which promotes privacy, security and access to a free and open Internet. It's one of my favorites, because I share their view about Internet. And because their service is the best against censorship, thanks to proprietary DNS and a patented connection protocol. Besides, a NAT firewall is included.
PrivateVPN | Review and cost 2022
This Swedish VPN provides a premium service that encrypts your connection. Therefore it protects your privacy and increase your security.
Hotspot Shield | Review and cost 2022
Hotspot Shield VPN is famous worldwide and boast 600 million users. Why? Because they used to provides a free VPN service which was very easy to use. And free. These days, they only offer a free ...

How to get the Best VPN Discount Codes

As I mentioned above, the more months you sign up for, the more saving you can make. You can often get the best deal for VPNs when you sign up to 1 or 2-year contract. With my favourite VPN – ExpressVPNyou can save anything from 5% to 50% just by signing up to a longer subscription.

how to get best vpn deal

Coupon VPNs also tend to offer newbies a free trial or money-back guarantee. So, if you want to take any of these VPNs for a test run, you can. Then, if you’re not satisfied with the service, you can get a refund with no strings attached. However, it’s always worth checking the fine print before signing up to any free trials, so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

I keep this list up to date with the best VPN deals, so if you ever want to swap VPNs, or need to recommend a good VPN code to a friend, head back here for the latest.

Beware of third party sites offering coupon VPNs

There is a lot of money to be made when it comes to getting people to sign up to VPNs. However, it’s important to be aware of third party sites claiming to have the best VPN deals. More often than not, these sites are merely there to collect your data for their own benefit. What’s worse is that their VPN coupons rarely even work.

I can’t recommend third party sites for VPN codes less. They’re often filled with scams and can jeopardise your online data – which is the total opposite of what a VPN should be doing! Instead, it’s always best to sign up to your chosen VPN via the actual, branded site.

Of course, there are some sites, like mine, offering coupon VPN offers that might not always work. That’s not to say they are a scam, but perhaps they don’t keep their lists up to date. I really try to ensure my readers have access to the latest VPN codes, however, if you find one that doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to let me know and I can remove it from my list!

Coupon VPN FAQ

What is a VPN?

A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. When connected, all your online traffic with travel to the VPN server before arriving at your destination site. This doesn’t slow down the browsing experience for you, but there’s plenty going on in the background to protect your privacy while online. When your traffic heads to the server, it does so in an encrypted tunnel. That means onlookers can’t see what you’re up to. The government can’t (this is especially good for those in a conservatorship), your ISP can’t (so they can’t throttle your data) and hackers can’t (beneficial for obvious reasons!).

Essentially you can browse anonymously. But you can also bypass geo-restrictions. If you connect to a server in another country, the server’s IP address will be displayed to sites instead of yours. So if you want to watch US Netflix, connect to an American server and you’re good to go.

Pretty cool, right? It’s no wonder so many people are looking for VPN coupons.

the best vpn coupon

Which is the best VPN provider?

The best VPN provider is technically based on your preferences. When I search for the best VPN deals, I rank the VPN’s service based on speed, value for money and ease of use. Other things like number of servers and how many devices you can connect are also taken into consideration.

It really depends on what you want to use your coupon VPN for. Which is why on this site, I rank VPNs for each show, film, or sporting event you might want to watch.

Why is it important to use a VPN?

It’s important to use a VPN because it protects your online privacy. I recommend always connecting to a VPN whenever you’re on the web. That’s why I try to find the best VPN codes to share with my readers, so they’re never without.

Are these VPN codes up-to-date?

Yes, these VPN codes are kept up to date by myself. Whenever I find a new deal, I’ll update the list. However, if you ever notice a VPN coupon that doesn’t work, let me know so I can remove it!

I keep the list up to date because different providers offer different deals throughout the year. For example, Black Friday is great for finding the best VPN deals, so make sure to head back at key points of the year.

How do I use/activate VPN coupon codes?

To activate your VPN coupon, all you have to do is click one of the links above to be directed to the site. Then, sign up for an account and the VPN code will be automatically applied at the checkout.

Can I use coupon VPNs for an existing subscription?

Unfortunately you cannot use coupon VPNs for an existing subscription. VPN codes are primarily for new users. That said, you can always cancel your current subscription and choose a different VPN on the list to bag yourself a deal.

vpn coupon discount

Can I use more than one VPN coupon to save more?

You cannot use more than one VPN code at a time. Good thinking, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. However, by signing up to a longer subscription, you’ll be getting the best VPN deals anyway.


So, you’ll now be well-equipped with all the best VPN deals. I keep this list up to date, so if you ever need a VPN coupon, always come back and check this list! Remember to stay away from third-party subscription services, too. You can browse my site to find out more about the best VPN deals, and how to get the most out of your VPN subscription. If you have any questions, or can’t find a coupon VPN that works, comment below and I’ll try to sort it.