5 Best FREE VPN for Torrenting and P2P in 2024

Torrent has been a lifesaver for me for as long as I can remember. There was a time when I couldn’t afford to purchase video games or watch movies at the theater. For years, torrent has served me with what I need. That’s why I’m giving you the best free VPN for torrenting that you can use daily!

The thing with best free torrent VPNs is that they won’t do you much good other than helping to protect your torrent. A VPN software is designed to take care of a lot of different things other than the P2P sharing stuff. I’ll get to all of it throughout this guide so pay attention.

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Last updated: 16 July 2024

The Best Free VPN for Torrenting

At this point, we’re all familiar with what a VPN is. There’s no doubt you’ve used one at least at some point in your life. The question is, was it the best VPN for torrenting?

Best VPN for torrenting free has some defining characteristics that distinguish them from the rest. Primarily, it’s the ability to share files on a peer-to-peer to P2P basis. It’s also the laying brick of the concept of VPN torrenting free in the first place.

best free vpn for torrenting

As a self-proclaimed VPN expert, I decided to create a list of the best free VPN for torrenting for my readers. I’ve personally used all of these pieces of software and ranked them accordingly. It’s quite hard to discard of best VPN for torrenting free without evaluating the features. And features are very dynamic for all of them.

Let’s not get into that argument for now. Rather, check out my list for the best free torrent VPN in years to come.

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Choosing the Best Free VPN for Torrenting

Torrenting itself is not illegal. If you’ve seen warning signs on random websites that torrenting is illegal, they’re feeding you incorrect information. But I can relate to the paradigm because I know exactly what is illegal.

It’s the downloading of copyright-protected materials. Let’s say you’re downloading a movie with one of the best free torrent VPNs. You’re getting it for absolutely free. Well, maybe a few quid on the electricity bill. But it’s nothing when compared to the millions the producer of the movie has spent on the production.

best vpn for torrenting free

The same goes for video games. Developers work extremely hard for years to develop an immersive video game and they price it accordingly. But you can directly download the cracked file with the best free VPN for torrenting. It’s just not fair.

However, not everyone can afford to purchase whatever material is needed for the day-to-day shenanigans. That’s where I and the best free torrent VPNs come into play. If you’re wondering how I came up with the list in the previous section, that’s exactly what I plan to discuss in this section.

No Logging Policies

The first and most important thing when it comes to the best free torrent VPNs is a no-logging policy. Logging simply refers to recording your activity on the internet. Your ISP does it all the time. Yes, if you didn’t know it before, you know it now. They know exactly what you do, what you download, and what you watch on your private connection.

best free torrent vpn

One of the primary purposes of using the best free torrent VPN is to protect your privacy online. And it starts with not logging whatever you’re doing. Hence, a no-logging policy is on the top of my list when looking for the best free VPN for torrenting.


If you’ve used a VPN before, you know that the first thing you do when using one is connect to a server located in a different country than yours. Which countries the best VPN for torrenting free has servers in is one of the major criteria for me.

It’s primarily because some countries have stricter policies against torrenting than others. You don’t accidentally want to wound up in one of those countries’ radars. So, the more servers in more jurisdictions the best VPN for torrenting free can offer, the better it is for you.

The list you see on top shows you exactly which VPN software you can use. You can also read my individual reviews to know which jurisdictions these VPNs offer servers to.


Needless to say, the connection speed is always a big deal if you’re a tech-savvy individual. As one myself, I know how frustrating it can be when a simple download takes hours. So, when I look for the best VPN for torrenting free, I look for connection speeds specifically.

The problem with the majority of the best VPN for torrenting free is that the speed drops significantly when you change the location. It’s because the VPN you’re using doesn’t a have server near the country you’re trying to connect. That’s why the more servers a VPN has, the better it is.

P2P Support

The most important feature a best free VPN for torrenting can offer you. P2P stands for peer-to-peer file sharing, as you may already know. The whole idea of torrenting is based on P2P sharing. That’s why the more seeds a file has, the better connection stability and speed. The seeds are simply other torrent users who’ve also downloaded the file and are currently seeding the file.

free torrent vpn

As you can see, all central servers are eliminated from the torrenting process. So, a torrent VPN free must support P2P sharing. It’s a debated topic for some reason. I’ve seen some VPNs openly offering this service while others strictly prohibit it.

Useful Torrenting Features

I’ve already covered the bare minimum for a free torrent VPN. But you also need some additional features. These are not mandatory but very nice to have. Tunneling, kill switch, encrypted traffic, etc. are just some of the features I can think of.

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The Benefits of Using the Best Free VPN for Torrenting

Sure, you’re using the best VPN for torrenting free. But is that all a VPN can do? Protect your torrent files? Absolutely not! I use a VPN all the time and I barely torrent now. So, what are the other benefits of the best free torrent VPN?

best free vpn for torrenting

  • Enhanced Security: People who understand how unsafe the internet is will always use a VPN. It stands for Virtual Private Network which means you get your own encapsulated network that no one else can penetrate. Also, you’re protected from the supposed copyright violations when you download torrent files from various servers.
  • Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: Geo-restrictions are a way for VOD providers or any other website to cap the number of users from certain countries. For example, you don’t get the content from Netflix US sitting in the UK. It’s not fair, right? The best free torrent VPN can give you access to those content!

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Is torrenting legal?

As I said earlier, torrenting is absolutely legal. But downloading copyright-protected material such as movies, TV shows, music, and games is not. Hence you need to use a free torrent VPN.

What’s the best VPN location for torrenting and P2P traffic?

In general, countries from the Baltic region such as Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc. are considered safer because the torrenting laws are not as severe as in other parts of the world.

Free vs Paid VPN: Can I torrent safely with a free VPN?

As long as you’re using one from my recommend list, it should be safe. However, I strongly recommend using a paid VPN for all your needs. Take ExpressVPN for example. It has more than 3,000 servers with maximum protection covering all aspects of torrenting.

Are there any VPNs to avoid for torrenting and P2P?

It’s best to avoid the VPNs that don’t offer P2P connections. Because even if you connect to a distant server, the P2P traffic will pick up your activity.

Is port forwarding important for torrenting?

Forwarding ports on your router may increase the download speed and stability for some servers. But it’s not “important” if you ask me.


Free VPN torrenting surely sounds like a lucrative idea, doesn’t it? I can relate to you because I’ve been there. The only difference is that there was no one to guide me on how to get my hands on a free torrenting VPN.

But you have me. Follow my guide from top to bottom and stick to the free torrent VPNs I’ve listed. And if you can, invest in ExpressVPN. You won’t regret it.


You can call me Wade, a genuine internet enthusiast, often dubbed the embodiment of the online world. With a Computer Science Bachelor's Degree and extensive internet marketing experience, I take pride in my profound expertise in the digital realm. My fervent passion lies in exploring the depths of the digital world while staying updated on every Internet security development. I aim to empower users to safeguard themselves and their data. For insightful content on internet security and the latest tech news, please feel free to contact me via this email: wade@thebestvpn.uk

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