How to Watch HBO Outside US – The Best VPNs to Use

HBO Go and HBO Now is without a doubt the best streaming services to get your favourite shows straight from the source! Imagine being able to have your favourite movies and series completely at your disposal. But the catch is, you can only watch this within the United States. It kinda sucks to know that you can’t chill at the beach while binge-watching Game of Thrones right? Well, what if I told you I have the answer to all your problems? If you get the best VPNs, you can easily watch HBO Now outside US.

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HBO Go Outside US

The best thing about this convenient new app from HBO is that you can watch any show you could ever want right when you want it. But the thing is, this is only good for people residing within the United States of America.

watch hbo now outside us

If you try to access the HBO Now outside US, you’ve probably gotten an error message that said something along the lines of “Not available in your service area”. For those that have never tried experiencing this before, good for you. But for people like me who are constantly disappointed by stuff like this, I offer you a quick solution to finally let you get rid of this annoying problem and finally watch HBO Go outside US.

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Why do they do this to us?

As unfair as it seems, HBO doesn’t actually do this on purpose. I mean, who would like losing customers just for mere geographic differences? The reason behind all this is because of a thing called geo-restrictions.

Basically, a geo-restriction is a feature that only permits users within a specific geographic region to get to the content they want. So, for HBO’s case, as soon as you connect to their server, they automatically block you once they find out you’re not in the US.

And, in case you’re wondering, the only reason they’re doing this is so that they can avoid violating copyright. HBO’s contract most probably only allows them to distribute the shows within US boundaries. So, we can’t really blame them here.

So, the question here is how to watch HBO Go outside USA without violating anything? Simple, get a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Watch HBO Outside US With a VPN

As promised, here are my top most recommended VPNs for how to watch HBO now outside US. I’ve actually been using the top providers myself for a long time now so rest assured, I guarantee it all works.

Since we’re trying to watch HBO Now abroad, it’s also really important that your VPNs are up to standards. What I mean by this is that it doesn’t lag or give you any problems with buffering and internet speeds. So, pick out any of the providers below for the ultimate experience.

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But my top pick would definitely have to be ExpressVPN. This is one of the oldest and most popular providers out on the market, so you know its reputation is good. And, you can tell from the name itself that it’s really suited for tasks like how to watch HBO abroad. It gives you lighting fast speeds which is exactly what you want for streaming. In addition, it has over 3000+ servers in 90+ countries all over the world! So, you can even use it for more than just watching HBO Now outside US!

How to Watch HBO Outside US With a VPN

Before you dive in and go all out by getting a VPN, it would be better if you knew exactly how this software actually works. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep it as simple as possible so that everyone can learn how to how to watch HBO abroad with a VPN.

watch hbo go outside us

A VPN or Virtual Network Provider basically encrypts all your data to make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. It makes sure your traffic passes through a secure tunnel and then sends it to the VPN server so that no third-parties can see any of it.

Its main attraction is mainly all about IP address manipulation. As you probably already know, any device that is connected to the internet has its own unique IP address. Think of it as a computerized version of your GPS coordinates. But the thing about IP addresses nowadays is that anyone can easily track it with the simple push of a button.

how to watch hbo abroad

So with a VPN, it can keep you safe by hiding your IP and replacing it with another one! This feature is a double blade since it can also you to learn how to watch HBO outside US. Since it can hide your IP address, HBO won’t be able to block you from accessing your favourite movies anymore! This way, you can finally know how to watch HBO abroad!

And, contrary to what most may think, a VPN actually gives you better internet connection by increasing your bandwidth! Yes, it can also hide you from your ISP which constantly attempts to throttle your data limit. Now you know how to watch HBO outside US and get a better internet connection.

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Let’s Wrap It Up

Now that you know how to watch HBO outside US, you should definitely consider getting a VPN. After all, the benefits aren’t just for the sake of binge-watching alone, it’s also great for safeguarding your privacy!

I highly recommend trying out ExpressVPN because it is without a doubt, one of the best providers you can find. And, you can even try it out for free if you want to know how to watch HBO abroad with this provider!

How do you ask? Simple, just go to their site and avail of their money-back guarantee. I actually tried this out myself and you’ll be glad to know that they stick by their promise. When your trial period is nearing its end, simply call them up to tell them you’d like to cancel your subscription. Then, they will get to work on it and give you your refund with no questions asked! This is a great way for you to try out the provider and see if it is to your liking before fully committing to a subscription.

I hope this article has finally helped you reach a verdict on which VPN to use when watching HBO Go outside US.


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