How To Watch Australian Open Live Stream in the UK 2024

Australian Open is the first of the four big boys of Tennis events held each year. Fans from all over the world love to watch Australian Open online every year. All of the courts in this tournament are either grass or hard type. All of the matches are held outdoors so the fans can enjoy the rays of the Aussie sun.

If you’re looking for Australian Open live streaming in the UK platforms, I have exactly what you need. In this “how to watch Australian Open” guide, I’m going to list the best TV channels and streaming sites for you to learn how to watch Australian Open final. I’ll also share my secret sauce to watch Australian Open live stream in the UK in case you don’t have access.

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Where to Watch Australian Open Live Streaming in the UK?

As you already know, Australian Open is the first of the four grand slam tennis events. So, the fans are really excited to see their favorite players kicking off the season in Melbourne. You can watch Australian Open live stream in the UK over the last two weeks of January.

watch australian open

Let’s list the mediums so that you can enjoy Australian Open Live Stream in the UK.

Channel 9

An event on the soil of Australia and Channel 9 not showing it? Sounds impossible to me! So, yes, Channel 9 is your free-to-air platform to watch Australian Open live streaming in the UK. If you don’t get it through your cable network, you can always subscribe to 9Now which happens to be the VOD (Video On Demand) service of Channel 9.


This pan-European sports network is your best option for Australian Open live streaming in the UK. Owned by Discovery, Eurosport is licensed to air all events so that you can watch Australian Open live stream in the UK from the comfort of your home. If you don’t have it with your cable package, you can get the Eurosport pass. The membership only costs 6.99 pounds after the first month so it’s a great deal.


In the world of sports, there are very few people who haven’t heard of ESPN. ESPN+ is its very own streaming service and it’s ready to rock your world with Australian Open live streaming in the UK. You can simply get a subscription for ESPN+ and watch Australian Open live streaming in the UK without any hiccups.


SkySportsNow claims itself to be the home of sport. And I can’t disagree. All major events from all over the world are streamed in real-time on this platform. The same goes for Australian Open live streaming in the UK.

Problems Viewers Face to Watch Australian Open Live Stream in the UK

All of the platforms I’ve listed in the previous section are well-known all over the world. However, they’re not above problems. When you try to watch Australian Open on any of these platforms, you may face any of the issues I’m listing below.

Access Denied

This is one of the scariest messages one can receive while surfing on the internet. You really want to watch something but your location happens to be restricted. We’ve all been there and it can very well happen when you’re figuring out the live streaming Australian Open.

For example, if you’re in the UK and try to get a subscription for 9Now, you may not get it because it’s an Australian network. The same goes for Eurosport if you try to access it from outside the UK. These geo-restrictions are very easily bypassable with help from ExpressVPN!

Buffering and Low-Quality Streams

We’ve all faced buffering in our internet career. Well, if you consider spending all the on the internet, it’s certainly similar to a career, right? Jokes apart, I know very well how frustrating it is when you’re waiting for a killer serve from your favorite player and the stream just freezes up.

It happens due to excess load on the servers. Major tournaments draw a lot of attention and the public servers are mostly not prepared to handle it. Hence, the buffering. Sometimes the stream will run but in very low quality.

Again, both of these issues are very easily fixable with help from a good VPN such as ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Australian Open Live Streaming in the UK with a VPN

A VPN is the answer to most of your internet questions. It’s one of the most functional innovations of the 21st century in my opinion. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for years and it has helped me with my work, entertainment, and my privacy.

how to watch australian open

A VPN is pretty much like a disguise for your internet connection. Your connection is like a celebrity and your ISP is the paparazzi. They constantly monitor your activities on the internet which is a massive breach of privacy if you ask me.

A premium VPN can help you keep the paparazzi away as well as discard any restrictions you may face. The key phrase here is “premium” because free VPNs don’t work in the same way. In fact, they work very rarely and in mild cases. If you’re serious about learning how to watch Australian Open, you should definitely stay away from free VPNs.

How to Watch Australian Open Live Stream in the UK with ExpressVPN Free Trial

ExpressVPN is the best VPN of our generation. It’s been holding its position for as long as I can remember and there are good reasons behind it. For starters, it has more than 160 servers spread across 94 countries!

It means you get access to multiple servers in the same country. If the load is distributed over multiple servers, you’re less likely to face buffering or quality issues.

Another reason I like ExpressVPN a lot is that it offers a 30-day free trial. That’s how I fell in love with its services in the first place.

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So, if you’re looking for ways on how to watch Australian Open live stream in the UK, I highly recommend that you give ExpressVPN a shot.

australian open live streaming in the uk

Best VPNs to Learn How to Watch Australian Open Live Stream in the UK

ExpressVPN might be the best but it can only do so much for an entire world. To alleviate some of the load off of ExpressVPN, I’ve also listed some other names that I believe are suitable for your needs.

Check out my ranking of the best VPNs on the market currently and choose a plan that goes with your daily needs, including the lessons on how to watch Australian Open.

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3 CyberGhost | Review and cost 2024
4 IPVanish | Review and cost 2024
5 NordVPN | Review and cost 2024

What Else Can a VPN Do?

Sure, a VPN is a great accessory for Australian Open streaming. But is that it? Absolutely not!

I use ExpressVPN for everything I do. Movies, TV shows, and documentaries from all over the world are at my fingertips. I don’t understand the reasoning behind putting restrictions in the first place. But I do get access to everything.

A VPN will also make your internet connection safer by keeping any peeping toms out of the network. You can sleep better at night knowing that your information is not being sold to third parties.


1. Will ExpressVPN work in games?

Yes, it will. ExpressVPN is a great accessory for gamers. From Call of Duty Warzone to Grand Theft Auto Online, you name a title, ExperssVPN will work on it.

2. What does the law say about VPNs?

VPNs are legal all over the world. Unless you’re using it for illegal activities, there’s nothing to worry about for you.


It’s hard to find people who don’t want to learn how to live stream Australian Open in the UK. Tennis is a global sport and the UK has a huge fanbase. If you’re one of them and you don’t want to miss any of the matches, just follow my guide and get ExpressVPN.

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