USA VPN: What is the best VPN for USA? Update 2021

With the news coming from across the pond, a VPN for USA is now mandatory. Indeed, allowing ISPs to sell their users’ data was just a first step. And the administration is not done yet! Therefore, you should prepare your devices before visiting uncle Sam. Because walls have ears there. Fortunately, there’s a solution to protect your privacy online: a USA VPN. So let’s review the best VPNs for the United States.

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The threats to your online privacy in the US

While 2016 will remain a victory for open Internet supporters, March 2017 will prove a terrible defeat. Indeed, the American ISPs can now sell their users’ data without their consent! And the US administration is now busy destroying users’ rights on Internet. Indeed, their next target is Net neutrality! But let’s not forget what came before…

PATRIOT Act: Massive surveillance from the US agencies

In 2001, it was not a Space Odyssey. Rather Orwell’s future unwinding before our eyes. Indeed, President G.W. Bush signed the USA PATRIOT Act, days after 9/11, in the name of national security. As a result, he gave the NSA unprecedented powers to spy on, well, basically everyone. And everywhere.

usa vpn edward snowden

A little over a decade later, Edward Snowden revealed the scope of this global surveillance program. And what we suspected became a reality: The National Security Agency (NSA) and their allies spy on the whole world. And it’s kinda hard to believe that they’re not spying on American citizen on the American soil…

Despite being exposed, the PATRIOT Act is still in Force. While it expired in 2015, it was renewed under the name USA Freedom Act. However, the NSA can’t continue its mass phone data collection program anymore. But phone companies have to retain the data. And the NSA can obtain information about targeted individuals with permission from a federal court.

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Furthermore, the NSA can count on the “collaboration” of American technology companies. Indeed, the government requires them to give a built-in access to their data. And such backdoors are harmful to your privacy, and can fatally compromise your software encryption.

In conclusion, when travelling to the United States, consider that you’re under surveillance from the moment you enter American soil. Maybe even before actually. Because even if you’re innocent, the NSA can track your phone and email communications, collect bank records, and monitor your activity on the Internet.

So prepare ahead of your trip. And subscribe to a USA VPN to use on all your connected devices: Computer, phone, tablet! Because your privacy is your right.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act: For torrent users

In the US, like nowhere else, copyright is a subject taken very seriously. Indeed, the business of cultural products is very large. Therefore powerful lobbies (Hollywood, music and TV channels) pushed the government to adopt a law to extend the reach of copyright. As a result, President B. Clinton signed the DMCA in 1998.

us vpn provider to avoid dmca takedown notice

Among other things, the DMCA allows private companies to track internet users who infringe their copyright. And to send them copyright infringement notices. Or even to bring them to court!

And I must confess: I have already received an email from a VPN… My USA VPN provider asked me to stop downloading copyrighted content with one of their American servers. Indeed , I had forgotten to select a server located outside the US. Therefore, a copyright troll found the IP address of the VPN server. And sent the VPN a notice… As a result, the VPN also sent me a notice. And I learned that my VPN was torrent friendly only on selected servers!

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So if you are using P2P protocol to download torrents, make sure you use a torrent VPN. Because you don’t want to incur the wrath of uncle Sam!

Protect your privacy in the US with a VPN

First of all, you can’t count on private browsing to surf anonymously. Indeed, it won’t hide or encrypt any of your traffic. It’s like if you used nothing at all. Zip. Like the condom below.

best vpn for usa: careful of free vpn providers

The only solution is to use a VPN provider for the US. But I wouldn’t recommend a US VPN provider. Because if ever the company logs your activity, then they’ll have to share your data with the authorities when requested. So if you want the best US VPN, make sure the provider enforces a strict non-logging policy.

Surf anonymously

First of all, you should always use a VPN, not only when you visit Yankee Land. Because all your connected devices are vulnerable. And every time you use your PC or your phone, you leave traces of your activity on all the sites you visit. And with all these anonymous bits of information, US agencies can find your location and your identity.

using a VPN while in the US to avoid uncle sam surveillance

Indeed, a VPN USA protects your privacy and your security. How? Well, you can check my article what’s a VPN for more details. And I’ll keep it simple here: A VPN encrypts your connection. Therefore, it protects your data from snoopers (ISP, US government agencies, or hackers).

Also, it hides your IP address. Therefore, the websites you visit can only get access to the VPN server address. And they have no clue you’re actually the user visiting them. While they know the requests you make, they can’t link them to your real IP address.

Unblock content

Another popular use of VPN is to work around censorship and access all the geo-restricted content. Indeed, without a VPN, you can’t watch Netflix UK from the US, nor the BBC iPlayer. But with the best VPN for Netflix, no problem!

choosing an american VPN

But a VPN will unblock any geo-restricted content. At least the content of the countries where your VPN offers a server. Basically, a VPN emulates your location anywhere in the world. And the sites you visit consider your IP address is the one of the VPN server. So if you’re connected to a server in London, you’re an English user.

Most USA VPN services provide servers on all continents. So you can connect to the country where content is accessible and get around restrictions.

Ranking of the best USA VPN

Taking into account your privacy protection and the access to English streaming sites, here’s my overall ranking of the best VPN for USA. Pick any of the list before traveling to the US. And stick to it when you’re back home. Most of them offer free trials and money back guarantee. So you won’t spend much if you don’t like a VPN.

This was my guide: USA VPN | What is the best VPN for USA? Stay tuned for more articles coming soon.

Some say I’m the personification of the internet - not sure if it’s a compliment though. I love to bury myself in the depths of the online world. And I have many years of experience in internet marketing. Tracking every single development, following the latest tech news is a true passion. But my favorite part is focusing on Internet security and how Internet users can best protect themselves and their data.

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