How to watch American Netflix in the United Kingdom? (May 2021)

Do I really need to introduce Netflix? The American company took over the world of on-demand streaming a few years back. Their library is huge, with movies and TV shows. And it offers first-class, original, content: House of Cards, Narcos, and Orange Is the New Black among others. The most popular streaming platform is available in over 190 countries, however with different catalogues. In this article, I’ll explain how to get American Netflix in the UK to enjoy the latest shows.

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What’s the deal with watching American Netflix?

Maybe you already have a subscription to the streaming platform. And you’re happy with what you get: There are hundreds of movies and series available. More than what you could see in a lifetime, really, if you have a real life. Despite this profusion of programmes, you hear your best friend complaining he can’t watch US Netflix on his smart TV. And he’s really disappointed. But why?

Exclusive Netflix content in the library

Because he doesn’t know how to get American Netflix in the UK. And because watching US Netflix is the Holy Grail of subscribers, for its content. Indeed, American users get more content than any other country in the world. Want a little comparison? A study showed that UK subscribers can only access a third of the movies a US subscriber can… In addition, they also get the same content before anyone else!

That’s why everyone wants to switch to American Netflix, to enjoy the same exclusive content. And the way their subscription works, it’s absolutely possible for any user to watch American Netflix in the UK. And anywhere else actually. That’s the good news! But you’ll need the right tool and process to know how to get American Netflix and setup Netflix party movies, keep reading below.

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Why’s the content different between Netflix US and Netflix UK?

It has to do with rights for the television and cinema stakeholders. It’s all about the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! And that’s just the way the system works – deal with it. The owners and producers sold their programmes for broadcast in the United Kingdom only. Because they can make more money selling rights per country than globally. And they know that if a movie has a bigger audience in the UK than in Germany, they can increase the price here…

Also, it’s because of the competition… Netflix (128 million users) is not the only streaming service on the market. Maybe a movie is not available in your library because a competitor bought the exclusive rights. And the company faces serious rivals, like Amazon Video (85,3 million users) and Hulu (32 million users), competing for the best content for their own users.

how to access american netflix

Imagine the amount of money it would cost to own the rights for all the content for all the countries. It’s basically impossible to achieve. Therefore Netflix focuses on their domestic and main market: The USA. As a result, in the UK, you get less content.

And imagine the amount of money if you were to subscribe to all streaming platforms in order to be able to stream your favourite programs anywhere in the world… No way.

How to watch US Netflix in the UK?

Before telling you how to get US Netflix, let’s see first what makes it possible. Because even if right now you don’t know how to access American Netflix, you’ll get your solution in a few minutes. Or seconds, if you skim through my article.

A global account: Pros and cons

I quickly mentioned that above. When you subscribe to the video streaming service, you get a global account. And that’s pretty amazing because you can connect from almost anywhere in the world and it will work. But there’s a catch: You can watch the catalogue of the country where you’re staying, and only this one. So if you’re in the UK, you can only access British Netflix and the corresponding catalogue, which sucks if you’re wondering how to watch American Netflix and may already be thinking of ways to work out a Netflix unblock.

How to watch American Netflix

And if you travel to France (it could happen, right?), then you’ll get the French library and French subtitles… While most movies will still be available in English, you will not have the same content as the one at home.

But what’s of utmost importance here is that, without this feature, you couldn’t get American Netflix in the UK. So you couldn’t ask how to get US Netflix either! And we can cheer to that global subscription!

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Content restrictions and device localisation

As a result of the contracts with the content producers, Netflix has to set up some geo-restrictions on their content. Depending on your country, you’ll have access to only certain programmes. But how can a website know where you’re located? With the IP address of your device. Indeed, each device that is connected to the Internet is given an IP address. And each country owns a range of IP addresses for the local users.

how to watch american netflix

Netflix uses this list of IPs per country and compares your address to this list. And your device is blacklisted for all the countries where you’re not located… Therefore, you can’t watch American Netflix in the UK. Yes, that sucks. Because Netflix USA offers more series and all the latest episodes that are not yet available in the UK. And same, you can’t get Netflix UK from abroad. Fortunately for you and me, there is a workaround, and will help you unblock US Netflix. So, let’s see now how to get US Netflix!

How to get American Netflix in the UK? The ultimate solution

Admittedly, Netflix would obviously prefer there wasn’t any solution. But with TheBestVPN.UK, you’ve found the right website which explains how to access American Netflix! Thank you, Google for your help. So here’s the thing: To unblock US Netflix and get access to restricted content you need a VPN, which is way better than an unblocker or proxy.

A VPN (for Virtual Private Network) is security software for your connection, like an antivirus but for your connection, not for your device. And it allows you to pretend to be somewhere else. Maybe not you, but your device. And that’s what’s important. Because if you emulate your position in the US, then you can make Netflix “believe” that you’re physically in the US. While you’re on your couch in Manchester for example.

And as I explained above, if Netflix sees you are physically in the US, you’ll get the American catalogue. That’s how to access US Netflix in UK, checkmate!

how to watch us netflix with a vpn

Basically, the VPN software will make you pass for a user from any country where your provider offers a server. And in our case, we want a server in the US. The VPN client creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and an American server. But it could be any other country. And then, the VPN server connects to on your behalf. Because of its American address, it can get the content. And send it back to you for your enjoyment. If you want more technical details, check my other guides. I’ve written a lot of awesome articles about VPN for dummies, and VPN reviews.

How can i get American Netflix

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Netflix ban: The VPNs strike back

Don’t think for one minute that content producers and streaming sites are happy with this situation. There’s been a merciless war raging between Netflix and the VPNs. And the Californian company keeps blocking VPN servers worldwide. While the US servers are the main target, of course, other countries’ servers are not spared by their wrath.

So what does the Los Gatos firm do exactly? It’s simple: When they identify a VPN server used to stream their content, they ban its IP address. And VPN users on these servers are now blocked as well. To strike back, VPN companies have no choice but to adapt. And they must constantly renew the IPs of their servers.

how to watch us netflix

However, some providers can’t keep up, that’s why some VPNs don’t work with Netflix. And some of them simply give up and focus on torrenting or privacy protection. While many VPN services are available on the market, you must choose the right one. Or chances are you won’t be able to stream American Netflix in the UK.

Also, there’s collateral damage in this war. I’m talking about American Internet users living in the United States, who use a VPN for security reasons. Indeed, sometimes, they have to temporarily disable their VPN in order to be able to watch their favourite programmes. Because Netflix blocks all VPN servers. And it doesn’t matter if American users may be using them. Because there are likely non-Americans using a VPN to access their servers anyway. Dude, WTF.

Can VPN users be banned?

No, I’ve never heard of it. And the company is unlikely to ban your account for using a VPN. However, there’s been a change in their terms of service to state that you shouldn’t “circumvent […] any of the content protections in the Netflix service” and they “may terminate or restrict your use of our service” if you do, without compensation or notice…

What VPN to get American Netflix?

This is the million-dollar question if you want to know how to get US Netflix. And I’ll give you the best answer I can, with my recommendations to get a proper VPN for the task at hand.

Free VPNs – Not working

First a word on free VPNs: You should definitely avoid them. In addition to the fact they most probably won’t unblock American Netflix, they’re dangerous. And there are countless stories to back me up on that, just ask Google. They can be harmful to your privacy. Because the companies offering these free services aren’t good Samaritans. And they’re here for the money. So they’ll log your online activity and sell your data to the highest bidder.

Also, I strongly believe that your privacy is worth more than a few pounds, don’t you? A VPN working with Netflix isn’t expensive: Most of them require a monthly subscription between £4 and £8. In conclusions, using a free VPN is not how to get American Netflix.

Small VPNs – Working, but…

There are providers which are not very popular, with just a few servers. And their software works just fine with US Netflix. But Netflix Inc. put the means to monitor the VPNs and block them as quickly as possible. I know their teams regularly visit websites like mine, to stay up-to-date with the VPN that unblock their services.

You won’t find any small VPN in my ranking below. I’ve already received requests from “small” VPN companies, asking me not to mention them in my articles. Because they can’t fight back and change their servers IP addresses as fast as they get banned.

Also, when I endorsed a small VPN previously, many users subscribed. Because it was good and affordable. And they were very happy with the service at the beginning. But the next part of the story was inevitable: The server was banned. And that’s when the sh*t hit the fan: The provider couldn’t provide a new server. Therefore some readers complained about my recommendation. I want to stay safe from now on. So I’ll only tell you how to access US Netflix at all times with proven providers.

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Best VPNs to get American Netflix

Now’s the most important part of the article: My ranking of the best Netflix VPN. You know how to watch US Netflix. But you don’t know what VPN to choose, yet. And you definitely need a premium VPN which must:

  • Offer at least one server in the United States of America. But this won’t be hard, most providers have servers there. Because there are many potential customers!
  • Effectively unblock content. And this is the trickiest point… But you can trust me on that. Because I tried them all, and I make sure I’m up to date. My latest update was on May 2021
  • Provide a Tier 1 network, because watching a video in the best quality consumes broadband. So the speed will play a big role in your viewing experience.
  • Be user-friendly. And I don’t need to argue here, I’m sure you agree with me!

I made the selection of VPN below based on these criteria. As you can understand, this ranking changes regularly. Some VPNs might win or loses their spot. But all the VPN services in this list will allow you to unblock US Netflix. You can trust me on that.

Tutorial: How to watch American Netflix?

In conclusion of this article on how to watch American Netflix, I prepared a kind of step by step guide. Because each VPN providers has a similar process, I could make it very generic. Just follow these steps. And feel free to send me a message if you have any question.

  1. Please turn on your computer (just kidding)
  2. Choose a VPN from the list above
  3. Click on the orange button to access the VPN homepage and get the latest promotions
  4. Register an account and subscribe to the service
  5. Download, install and launch the VPN app (it’s very simple)
  6. In the software, select a server located in the USA – Very important
  7. Click on the “Connect” button
  8. Go to the Netflix app or refresh the page in your browser, done!
Pro tip from Al

What if it doesn’t work? First, I apologize but I can’t give you the list of the working servers here. Second, you should try another server, the one you connected to may be blocked. If after a couple more tries, you can’t get it fixed I’d recommend you to get in touch with your provider. Most of them offer live chat support. And they’ll happily tell you how to get US Netflix within 5 minutes.

That’s it! Now you know how to get American Netflix. Finally, you can watch the latest content without restrictions, like BoJack Horseman, which I highly recommend! And you’re welcome.

How to watch American Netflix

This was my guide: How to get American Netflix in the United Kingdom? (May 2021) Stay tuned for more articles coming soon; where we answer questions related to how to watch American Netflix and Unblock US Netflix.


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