How To Watch Cincinnati Masters Live Stream in 2021

The world of tennis heats up this August with the Cincinnati Open live stream. If you didn’t manage to bag yourself tickets to this year’s event, I’m sharing how you can access the Masters Cincinnati live stream on your laptop, phone or any other device. Plus, how you can maximize your Cincinnati Masters live stream experience with a VPN.

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How can I watch Cincinnati tennis?

There are several ways to get your hands on the Cincinnati Open live stream this year.


You can access the Cincinnati Masters live stream through the Bet365 website or app. Those that haven’t already subscribed, sign up and deposit £10 to access the stream.

Amazon Prime

UK viewers can enjoy Cincinnati Tennis live streaming with an Amazon Prime account. Again, if you’re not already signed up (get with the program!), you can likely grab yourself a free trial…


Like those on Bet365, members of Unibet can view the Masters Cincinnati live stream by simply logging in.

cincinnati masters live stream tennis tv

Tennis TV

You can also sign up to Tennis TV to watch the Cincinnati Open live stream, as well as player interviews, game highlights and classic footage. A Tennis TV subscription costs between £9.99-14.99.

Cincinnati Tennis Live Stream: What’s the catch?

There’s no real catch when it comes to watching Cincinnati tennis live online on these channels, but depending where you are, not all of them will work… 

If you’re wanting to access your Amazon Prime UK account to watch the Cincinnati Masters live stream while abroad, you might run into problems. In a similar fashion, if you have a Tennis TV subscription for the US, but are here in the UK, you won’t be able to enjoy the Cincinnati tennis live streaming like you had hoped.


Broadcasters sign up for streaming rights on the basis that they only show the Masters Cincinnati live stream within a certain location.

These geo-restrictions mean that more broadcasters have access to the Cincinnati open live stream, but it does make it difficult when trying to find the right place to watch the competition.

This isn’t the only issue with watching the Cincinnati Open live stream on these platforms, either. If your internet service provider (ISP) detects you’re streaming content, they’ll likely throttle your data. That’s right, even when you sign up to super high speed, high downloads and high everything else, you’re still at risk of getting a slow connection thanks to your cheeky ISP. That means you could easily miss the winning point if your Masters Cincinnati live stream keeps buffering…

The best way to watch the Cincinnati Open live stream

how to watch cincinnati masters live stream

Luckily, I know how to watch Cincinnati Open from anywhere in the world, uninterrupted. And if the name of this blog doesn’t give it away, you can watch the Cincinnati Masters live stream and unblock geo-restrictions by using a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it’s a nifty piece of software that allows you to browse the web anonymously and hide your data from onlookers (like your internet provider or even the government). When you’re connected to a VPN server, all the traffic from your computer travels through an encrypted tunnel to their server. Then, the server accesses the Masters Cincinnati live stream on your behalf.

For you, nothing changes when it comes to browsing, streaming and online shopping. But for pesky hackers and other cybercriminals, everything changes. With the encryption, it means your activity online cannot be detected, geo-restrictions can’t be put in place, and you’re free to do as you please.

The best VPNs have servers in countries around the world. So, if you’re in the US and want to watch the Cincinnati Open live stream through Amazon Prime UK, you can connect to a British server and enjoy. Amazon will see the server’s IP address, rather than yours and therefore unblock the content for you to watch.

Similarly to how a website can’t see what you’re up to, your ISP can’t either. Meaning they won’t throttle your data. Hello buffer free Cincinnati Tennis live streaming. 

Try a free VPN for the Masters Cincinnati live stream

While the platforms we’ve suggested won’t let you watch Cincinnati Masters live streaming free, we do have a way you can use a VPN for free and enjoy the competition from anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to access Cincinnati Tennis live streaming, and get your money back afterwards. ExpressVPN is actually – in my opinion – the best VPN on the market, so a free month with no strings attached is pretty neat.

After the first month, you’ll have the choice to continue or get a refund, with packages ranging from a 1 month to a 12-month contract. The more months you sign on for, the more discount you will receive.

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Why can’t I just find a free VPN? I hear you ask. Well, if you don’t mind your data being sold to third parties, and don’t care whether your activity is actually protected or not, go for it!

I never recommend free VPNs because not only do they not often work, but you’re paying for them in a different way. Free software organisations have a lot of equipment and technology they need to pay for. So if you’re not paying for it through cash, your data is their main payment. Seems a lot of hassle when all you want to do is watch the Cincinnati Masters live stream…

The Best VPNs for Cincinnati Tennis live streaming

If you want to make sure your Masters Cincinnati live stream is buffer-free and available wherever you are, here are the best VPNs for the job. I don’t want you wasting time and money on finding the best VPN for Cincinnati tennis live streaming, so I did it for you. You. Are. Welcome.

What else can a VPN do?

cincinnati masters live stream with vpn

So we’ve briefly touched on the fact a VPN can unblock geo-restrictions for the Cincinnati Masters live stream, and prevent your ISP from causing buffering, but what else can a VPN do?

Well, there’s plenty. Its main purpose is to keep you safe while online. Think about all the information you tap into websites without even thinking about who’s watching. When you’re connected to a VPN, all of this information is safe and protected – helping you avoid becoming a victim to hackers or worse, fraud.

And, the Cincinnati tennis live streaming isn’t the only time a VPN can unblock geo-restrictions. Ever wanted to watch the US Netflix catalogue in the UK? You can with a VPN. Ever needed to catch up on the latest British drama while on holiday? You can with a VPN. You can watch pretty much anything, from anywhere.

Say after watching the Cincinnati Open live stream you want to play an online game with friends? Have everyone tap into the same server and get battling. You’ll be able to game together with no lagging or interruptions. Pretty neat.

And that’s how to watch the Cincinnati Masters live stream

I think my work here is done. Hopefully by now, you can find at least one place to watch the masters Cincinnati live stream – either through your favourite betting site or other streaming subscription. I’ve also hopefully deterred you away from downloading a free VPN with the incentive of the best VPN for a month for free. Lastly, I’ve highlighted all the other ways to use a VPN – because it’s not just for the Cincinnati Tennis live streaming. VPN users can benefit from a whole world of content to watch and game, as well as security and protection while on the web.

Some say I’m the personification of the internet - not sure if it’s a compliment though. I love to bury myself in the depths of the online world. And I have many years of experience in internet marketing. Tracking every single development, following the latest tech news is a true passion. But my favorite part is focusing on Internet security and how Internet users can best protect themselves and their data.

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