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When you are old enough to have grandkids you start to dislike words like “banned” or “not allowed”. You have used those terms on your kids for years and you sure as heck are not a kid.  Who says that you can’t? Why can’t you? I say you can, if you have the know-how and the best VPN Canada  and top VPN Canada has to offer! Read on to hear more of my VPN Canada review and what is the best Canadian VPN for you.

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My name is Terry, I am an UK expat that has roots in all corners of the world. Welcome to this page of my expat VPN reviews blog which is entirely dedicated in reviewing and deciding which is the best VPN service Canada expats need to use right away! So stay tuned for the best VPN for Canada, top VPN Canada, as well as what types of VPN services Canada has to offer.

Being an expat that lived in Canada for almost two years I know the trials and tribulations nasty online access limitations can bring. By far the best thing about Canada was the pristine and unadulterated nature. Bold, strong and utterly uncensored. I find that Canadian nature and I shared the same principles when it came to access. Bears sure as heck didn’t mind accessing my picnic coolers during a nature trek in Glacier Park. I learned my lesson in proper outdoor bear country food storage practices that day.

To go where you please and do what you want, in my personal opinion is a fundamental human right. So far as it falls within the right side of the criminal law of course. I’m not talking about breaking into your neighbours kitchen at night and trash his sandwich cooler. Do so at your own peril. No, I’m talking about the simple pleasure of uncensored access to your favorite World Wide Web corner despite some arbitrary time-zone or regional locks. What is the point of the World Wide Web if you cannot access it from anywhere in the world?

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Why bother with VPN?

Simple really. When you go to a restaurant, would you appreciate if part of the menu was simply unavailable to you just because of the table you chose? That delicious melting chicken Kiev on your neighbours plate? Can’t have it, wrong table. Sure, he might not get the same menu items that you have, but you can’t get some of his either. Throw that nonsense to the wind and push the tables together and get it all!

Having access to VPN services Canada will open up for you. You can go where you please. Not only that, but the top VPN Canada and the best VPN for Canada offers top security and privacy also. If you value your online rights like I do, then you should look to get these premium VPN services Canada has to offer. Though stay away from “free VPN Canada” services if you want the best and top VPN Canada services. We’ll get more into that below.

Privacy from peering eyes

Big scary data-stealing companies getting you down? Didn’t subscribe to your private data being stolen, traded for the highest bidder (I’m looking at you Facebook) and then used against you, pushing never-ending streams of ads, or want to download some torrents in complete privacy. Well shake the yoke of the puppet master, flip off NSA and read your private e-mail in private by using a VPN.

Unlimited access to your library of entertainment no matter where you go

That Netflix subscription you pay for, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the largest possible library no matter your travel location or living plans? It is a widely known fact, that Netflix has a drastically limited collection of shows and movies that it offer in any other country but USA. There are of course excellent shows in regions that USA simply does not have. Some of the best UK TV and Cinema gems are available only on the UK Netflix connection. This is why a lean and flexible VPN can do wonders. Don’t let arbitrary lines in the sand limit your favourite entertainment choices. When it comes to a cheap VPN, Canada really shines in a wide range of options. Choose a service that allows you to stream your TV where you are no matter the time and location and you’ll have yourself the best VPN service in Canada.

What VPN is best for you?

This is where this site and my first-hand experience with the VPN software Canada can use to its full potential, come to the rescue. When it comes to a cheap VPN Canada has many, but cheap usually means it won’t be very good. I have personally handled, toiled and suffered through a considerable amount of Virtual Private Network and Proxy Tunneling services. Not all services are made equal. That holds double true considering that the very nature of the software is very dependent on its intended use and location. This pet project of mine is here for you to learn the very basics of VPN use and offers the first-hand experience with each of the reviewed VPN programs.

VPN Canada for you and you specifically. Your area, your needs, and level of expertise – all considered when we offer you the best VPN software for you. What is even better, you are directly helping me making the service better for all Canadian expats as this site actively adjusts the top-recommended VPN’s via our Best VPN Service Canada 2022 list and yearly newsletter for all subscribers.

Now I’d liek to also point out that if you find any links that advertises; free VPN Canada services, I would like to recommend that you stay away from such links. The best VPN for Canada and even the top VPN services Canada has to offer is far from being a free VPN Canada service. After all, you get what you pay for. And if you want the top VPN Canada has to offer, or the best VPN for Canada? Stay away from any “Free VPN Canada” services.

Hopefully, this VPN Canada review has been of much help!

Below are the Best VPN Canada has to ensure your utmost privacy. 

Some say I’m the personification of the internet - not sure if it’s a compliment though. I love to bury myself in the depths of the online world. And I have many years of experience in internet marketing. Tracking every single development, following the latest tech news is a true passion. But my favorite part is focusing on Internet security and how Internet users can best protect themselves and their data.

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