How to change location in Pokémon GO in 2024

For Pokémon GO players living in the further afield, catching them all can be near impossible. City dwellers and country residents alike can struggle to find the rarest ones, so what’s the solution? Well in this post, I’m going to show you how to change location in Pokémon GO and how you can use the Pokémon GO hack for Android and iOS so that you have the best chance of collecting all your favourites.

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How to change location in Pokémon GO with a VPN

Your Pokémon GO map is based on your local area. So if you don’t travel much, you can quickly find yourself a little bored. With a Pokémon GO VPN, you can change your location and find new Pokémon from just about anywhere in the world. The trick is popularly called the ‘Pokémon GO location spoof’.

The app can detect where you are through your location settings. But if you want to know how to change location in Pokémon GO, a VPN is your best option. By installing a VPN – a virtual private network – you can learn how to spoof Pokémon GO on Android, iOS and more. The VPN works as an encrypted tunnel between your device and a server. The server then accesses the final destination for you.

That means when you’re using the Pokémon GO GPS hack, the app will see the VPN’s IP address rather than yours. So, if you connect to a VPN server in New York, you’ll be able to catch ’em all from the big city. The Pokémon GO GPS hack could have you travelling the world without even getting out of bed.

For the Android Pokémon GO spoof, or to use a Pokémon GO location spoof on iOS, check out the step by step guides below. The Pokémon GO hack for Android is different to that of iOS as Apple have much stricter security and regulations installed into the device.

how to change location in pokemon go

How to change your location on Pokémon GO on iPhone

In order to use the Pokémon GO location hack on iPhone, you will need to jailbreak the phone.

  • Choose your favourite VPN provider and set up your account. I recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Download ExpressVPN from your device’s app store
  • Once you’ve installed the VPN onto the jailbroken iPhone, you’ll also need to install ‘My Privacy’ by Cydia
  • In the privacy app, choose a city location and select ‘protect’
  • Within the VPN, choose the same city and get exploring

How to change location in Pokémon GO on Android

The Pokémon GO hack for android requires an additional Fake GPS location app. You’ll also need to install a module called MockMock locations which can be found here

  • Choose your favourite VPN provider and set up your account (I use ExpressVPN).
  • Download the app from Google Play
  • Download the Fake GPS location app, too
  • Within your phone’s settings, select ‘about phone’
  • Find the ‘build number’ row and click it 7 times to switch to developer mode
  • Return to settings and select ‘developer options’
  • Click the option that says something like ‘allow mock locations’
  • Install the mock mock locations module to ensure the Pokémon GO GPS hack cannot be detected by the app
  • Now, head back to the VPN app and choose a location of your choice
  • From here, you should be able to complete the Pokémon GO location spoof

How to trick Pokémon GO GPS with a free VPN

Whether you’re looking at the Pokémon GO hack for Android or iOS, you might be tempted to find a free VPN provider, rather than pay for the service.

Personally I can’t recommend any free VPNs for the Pokémon GO GPS hack. I don’t like to risk the safety of my readers and that’s exactly what I’d do if I suggested free VPNs.

If you’re not paying for a service, chances are, you’re the product. Basically, a free VPN provider will likely be selling your data to third party bidders. At best, you get a few extra spam emails. At worst, you’re a victim of fraud.

And, if that’s not enough to deter you, free VPNs very rarely have the technology in place to work for things like the Pokémon GO location spoof anyway.

That said, I can recommend a way for you to catch ’em all for free.

how to change location in pokemon go for free

ExpressVPN offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all new users. That means if you can do it all in a month, you’ll know how to change location in Pokémon GO, be able to collect all the Pokémon you can dream of, and get your money back at the end of it.

If you don’t get the time to find all of them while using the Pokémon GO hack for Android, you can always sign up to the VPN service for longer than the month. VPNs are pretty affordable, too: For less than a tenner a month you could use the Pokémon GO hack for Android or iOS, and reap the other benefits a VPN can provide (more on that later).

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Best VPN for the Pokémon GO GPS Hack

Not all VPNs have a compatible app for phones. And not all VPN apps will actually work for the Pokémon GO location spoof. To help you navigate through the good and bad, I’ve reviewed and ranked the best VPNs for how to change location in Pokémon GO, so that you can GO and get catching Pokémon in no time.

Best All Round 1 ExpressVPN | Review and cost 2024
2 Private Internet Access | Review and cost 2024
3 CyberGhost | Review and cost 2024
4 IPVanish | Review and cost 2024
5 NordVPN | Review and cost 2024

Can I get banned for the Pokémon GO location spoof?

The point of a VPN is to protect you online. To do this, the VPN provides an encrypted tunnel which means the site or app you’re accessing won’t actually have any of your personal data – they’ll just have the IP address of the server you’re connected to. As such, there’s very little chance that you could get caught attempting the Pokémon Go location spoof. But even less chance of you being banned.

If you’re going to launch a geo-tagged app that involves users travelling the world in order to complete it, you probably need to be a little forgiving when users search for ‘how to change location in Pokémon Go’…

how to change location in pokemon go with vpn

Additional advantages of VPNs

Of course, the nifty piece of tech that a VPN is, wasn’t just built for the Pokémon GO GPS hack. So what else can it do?

Well, actually a whole world of stuff – including providing you access to a whole world of content...

Yep, just as a VPN can help with how to change location in Pokémon GO, it can do the same for Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms. All you have to do is choose a server, refresh the page and get streaming.

If your main vice is gaming, the Pokémon Go hack for Android isn’t the only option available to you. If you love competing against your friends or battling it out with strangers on the internet, use a VPN to create the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you’re at home or away, get all users to connect to the same VPN server and enjoy the real-time battle you’ve been looking for.

What’s more, whether you’re using your VPN for the Pokémon GO GPS hack, to game with friends or to watch geo-restriction content, you’ll be protected from data throttling.

ISPs throttle your data connection when they detect you’re streaming or online gaming. So that there’s enough bandwidth to go around. With a VPN, your IP address and online activity is hidden, meaning there’s no reason for the ISP to throttle your data. ISPs aren’t the only potential onlooker either. VPNs protect your activity and personal data from the eyes of the government and cyber criminals.

And that’s how to change location in Pokémon GO

Although a little complicated, you should hopefully now know how to set up the Pokémon GO GPS hack. I’ve provided a step by step guide to the Pokémon GO hack for android, as well as iOS but if you have any trouble, get in touch! I’ve also given you plenty of ideas on how you can use a VPN for more than the Pokémon GO location spoof so you’ve got hours of entertainment up your sleeve.


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