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I’m here to guide you in the ruthless world of VPNs. I’ll try to answer your questions about VPN and I’ll help you choose the best VPN depending on your use (streaming, torrent, gaming…) and your budget. Yes, I know, I’m a nice lad.

My approach is global. I write mainly for my fellow Englishmen in the UK or English expats around the world.

I like to study VPN, but I also plan to write about online security, privacy and all related topics.

If you’re a VPN user to be, on the verge of selecting your first VPN: Feel free to ask me your questions about VPN, I’ll gladly give you recommendations to help you make the right choice.

Or if you’re a disgruntled user, eaten alive by the VPN monster: Let me know your grief and issues you have, I’ll try to help you solve them or select a reliable VPN service.

Finally, if you’re a VPN representative, with a new VPN to review: Send me a message at, I’m always curious about new stuffs.

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