Watch Canadian Open Tennis 2024 in the UK

Among the oldest tennis tournaments that are still active, the Canada Masters come in 2nd place. It was formerly known as the Rogers Cup and is currently known as the Canadian Open or the National Bank Open. Whatever you want to call it, you can benefit from this Canadian Open live stream guide.

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Last updated: 19 June 2024

Best Sites to Watch Canadian Open Tennis

  • United Kingdom: Amazon Prime Video
  • United States: ESPN/Tennis Channel
  • Canada: TSN

United Kingdom

If you’re in the UK during the National Bank Open live stream, you can get the Amazon Prime Video subscription for a mere £8.99 a month.

United States

In case you’re travelling to the US for business or on vacation, you may want to check whether your hotel has ESPN or the Tennis Channel. If not, you can get an ESPN+ subscription for $9.99 a month.


Last but not least, if you’re in Canada, you may want to catch the matches live at IGA or Sobeys Stadium. If that’s not an option, get a TSN subscription for C$19.99 a month.

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The Best Free Sites to Learn How to Watch Canadian Open Tennis

  • Switzerland: SRG SSR
  • Spain: RTVE


The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation is a free channel you can use to learn how to watch Canadian Open tennis for absolutely free!


Another amazing yet free platform to watch Canada Masters live is RTVE, a public TV in Spain. It’s 100% owned by Spain’s Sovereign wealth fund.

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How to Watch Canadian Open Tennis Outside of Availability Zone

By availability zone, I’m referring to countries where viewers can find official broadcasters, be it a television channel or streaming site. But what happens outside this availability zone of National Bank Open live stream?

Technically, viewers outside the availability zone cannot watch Canada Masters live.  It’s simply due to the geo-restrictions that are practiced by broadcasters. For example, Amazon Prime Video only has a license to broadcast the event in the UK. It offers to watch National Bank Open live stream free outside, it would be a breach of the contract.

Streaming sites impose this restriction by blocking IP addresses from selected countries. In case you didn’t know, the first portion of your IP address dictates your country code. As I promised, there is a simple solution to this problem. A Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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How to Watch Canada Masters Live Stream Free with a VPN

I’ve already spilled the secret of how you can watch Canadian Open tennis live stream. All you have to do now is follow the steps below to get yourself ready for the action.

  1. Purchase the ExpressVPN subscription from my link to watch Canada Masters live. The specialty of the link is that you get a massive 49% discount on the regular charge.
  2. Once the payment goes through successfully, you can either use the web version or download the client.
  3. To Watch Canada Masters live, I prefer RTVE. So, connect to a server in Spain.
  4. Create an account and log into RTVE to watch National Bank Open live stream.

Try ExpressVPN for Free

I get this question all the time. New readers ask me why should they spend money on a VPN when there is an abundance of free ones. If you have the same question, let me enlighten you.

The primary revenue source for free VPN providers is the sale of your data to 3rd parties. If you’re using a VPN to protect your privacy in the first place, doesn’t it defeat the purpose?

On top of that, there have been many reports of identity thefts and data breaches. In further investigation, it’s apparent that free VPNs are often the source. Are you sure you want to take this kind of risk just to learn how to Watch Canadian Open tennis?

I don’t think so. If you’re not okay with spending money just to watch Canada Masters live, just use the 30-day money-back guarantee ExpressVPN is offering. All premium features like Split Tunneling, Kill Switch, 3,000+ servers, etc. will also be available to you.

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The Best VPNs to National Bank Open Live Stream

I’m a huge advocate of ExpressVPN and I have my reasons. But you don’t have to trust my word. Rather, check out the VPNs I’ve gathered below, read the reviews, and you’ll know which one to choose on your own.

Best All Round 1 ExpressVPN | Review and cost 2024
2 Private Internet Access | Review and cost 2024
3 CyberGhost | Review and cost 2024
4 IPVanish | Review and cost 2024
5 NordVPN | Review and cost 2024

The Benefits of VPNs

You may be looking into VPNs to watch National Bank Open tennis live stream. You’d be glad to know that you can use the same tool for many other things. Here are a couple of examples.

  • Geo-Block Bypass: Geo-blocks or geo-restrictions, whatever you may want to call them, are the main reason you can’t stream Canadian Open tennis online. A tool like ExpressVPN will effectively open all doors for you online.
  • Online Security: An even more important use case of VPNs is ensuring the online safety of the users. By ensuring encryption and hiding your IP, a good VPN essentially makes your digital footprint disappear.

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Can I use a VPN to learn how to watch Canadian Open tennis on any device?

Yes, you can use a VPN to learn how to watch Canadian Open tennis on any device. Depending on what VPN you decide to use, you should get downloadable clients for Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Can I use free VPNs to watch Canadian Open?

If you’re asking for my opinion, the answer is no, you can’t use free VPNs to watch Canadian Open. But in terms of actual access, you can. I’ve already explained the security risks of using free VPNs. Use the ExpressVPN 30-day money-back guarantee instead.


National Bank Open live stream is surely a fantastic way of spending your time. And when you get the ExpressVPN subscription for a massive 49% price drop, you can travel the world while learning how to watch the Canadian Open tennis. Don’t forget the 3 extra months too!

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