How to Watch UFC Live the Cheapest Way or Even FREE?

UFC is undeniably one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. With the controversies that surround each fight, UFC has catapulted itself into the spotlight and is picking steam globally. Being such a popular sporting event with millions of viewers all over the world, it is unquestionable that a huge percentage of the viewers would choose to watch UFC live using UFC fight pass, as not all countries are able to broadcast the event locally through local channels. Another nightmare for a UFC fan would be the geographical restrictions or blackouts. Luckily, using VPN can be a workaround to bypass the blackout restrictions.

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Upcoming UFC Fight Night
Ready for the next match? Chansung Jung VS Dan Ige on June 20, 2021 now you can watch UFC Fight Night - JUNG VS IGE  Las Vegas, USA with a VPN from anywhere!

Choosing the right stuff

For starters, choosing a good VPN to watch UFC will be a challenge. But don’t let technological challenges stop you from watching UFC live. In choosing a VPN, you should consider the following: the server locations, security protocols (encryptions), the limitations of speed and bandwidth, a trial version, payment methods, and a 24/7 technical assistance.

watch ufc online free

Watch UFC Live the Cheapest Way Possible?

Using VPN to watch UFC live will not only bypass blackouts but will also give you an option to subscribe to the cheapest online streaming that is being offered to another country. Prices for PPV and online streaming via UFC live pass may vary depending on which country you are accessing it. One of the greatest advantages of using VPN is that it allows you to avail the cheapest price being offered as if you are really accessing the service from another country. VPN grants you the cheapest possible price for a UFC fight pass to watch UFC live.

The following are the steps you need to take in order for you to stream UFC live without spending much:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service of your choosing.
  2. Download the VPN app, VPN apps are multi-platform. You can have it in your PC or even in your mobile devices.
  3. Launch the APP and go to servers list and connect to a server to which you want to watch UFC live. It is also necessary to know first-hand where to watch UFC live to get the cheapest prices. We recommended to choose Philippines as the location of the servers since it’s offering the cheapest price among any other locations.
  4. Go to the official UFC site, click on UFC PPV and you will notice the price drop to avail UFC fight pass. The price drop was due to the location that you have chosen as mentioned in step 3.
  5. Enjoy watching UFC live with friends without worrying about the money you spent.

Watch UFC live FREE

With the power of VPN, you can stream UFC free via online live streaming broadcasted from another country such as Match TV Russia. Match TV is a public sports channel dedicated to host live sporting events. The channel offers an unprecedented access to the broadcasts of major sporting events such the most recent World Cup 2018 and the popular MMA sporting events of UFC. However, one the downside, using VPN to watch UFC free via may be deemed illegal.

With legality as an issue and a risk, VPN users have opted to other means to watch UFC live free by using VPN capable media player application such as Kodi.

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watch ufc live

Watch UFC online FREE (without legal concerns) with Kodi and VPN

Kodi is an open-source media player that allows users to play media such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from local and network storage as well as streaming it online. Using Kodi alone will not give you access to watch UFC online free streaming thus the VPN. The Kodi VPN encryption tool gives you a secured access to online content. Kodi VPN will give you access to watch UFC online free of charge from any broadcast outlet without the hassles of blackouts. An example of Kodi VPN that should be paired with Kodi app is Ivacy. Ivacy offers a safe and easy access to geo-restricted online content with its VPN. Ivacy paired with Kodi gives you an unprecedented access to watch UFC online free.

Here’s what you need to do once you get Ivacy VPN:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy. Subscribe to their cheapest offer. Ivacyoffers a 7 to 30 days money back guarantee. This means after you watch UFC online free you can ask for a refund. As mentioned, it is wise to choose a VPN service that offers a money back guarantee to customers.
  2. Configure Ivacyon Kodi. You will need to configure Kodi settings in order to use Ivacy as a VPN for you to stream UFC free.
  3. Change IP location via VPN
  4. Install Planet MMA Addon. Planet MMA is an add-on for Kodithat enables you to get ufc streaming free.
  5. Enjoy live streaming UFC with Kodi.

Setting Up Planet MMA on Kodi

Using an add-on called Planet MMA grants you a non-restricted access to stream UFC free and gives you the privilege to stream replays, movies, and even watch UFC free documentaries. The add-on itself is incredibly stable with plenty of amazing content

As mentioned, Kodi should be paired with a VPN in order to unlock region-restricted content. Upon launching Kodi app you must do the following to set up Planet MMA on Kodi to watch UFC online free:

  1. Go to System by clicking the Gear Icon.
  2. Go to File Manager.
  3. On the left sidebar, double click Add Source
  4. Click “None”.
  5. You will then enter the link the text box and click OK.
  6. Rename the media source to “Sup” and click OK
  7. Press BACKSPACE on your keyboard to return to the Home Screen.
  8. Go to Add-ons.
  9. Click on the “Package Installer Icon” located at the top-left corner.
  10. Select “Install form zip file” 
  11. Double click on the “Sup” folder
  12. Select supremacy-x.x>‘
  13. Wait for the “Supremacy Add-on” to install, wait for the notification located at the top right corner of the app interface.
  14. Return to “Package Installer Icon”, then choose” Install from repository”
  15. Select Supremacy
  16. Choose Video Add-ons
  17. Choose Planet MMA from the list and click Install icon.
  18. Wait for the add-on to install, a notification will be displayed at the top right corner of the app interface will pop up when the installation is completed.
  19. Return to Home Screenand click
  20. Choose Video Addons.
  21. Choose Planet MMA to launch the add-on.
  22. An iformationscreen will be displayed on your screen afterwards, you can just skip it by scrolling down.

Watch UFC Live
It is recommended to use a VPN to pair up with Kodi to evade geo-restriction issues. With Planet MMA now installed on your Kodi app, you now have an access to all its content rich directories. The add-on includes organized categories such as UFC Calander, Fight Night Live, Fights Spotlight, Pioneers Of MMA, MMA Movies UFC Retro, Ultimate Fighter Series, Documentaries, UFC Lab, MMA Random and a lot more. You can now enjoy free streaming of UFC live the entertainment with friends and family.

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Watch UFC Live on Free Online Streaming Websites

Reddit is usually one of the providers of the links where you can just visit watch UFC live without the hassle. However, these links are really prone to stop in the middle of the event which will be a bummer.

Go cheap or go FREE?

Among the benefits of using VPNs is its capability to bypass blackouts or geo-restriction issues. VPN grants the users the freedom to access/view web contents that are being blocked or restricted due cultural or political issues.

Using VPN to watch UFC live will not only bypasses geo-restriction issues or blackouts but also lets you avail the cheapest price for a UFC fight pass (as the prices vary per country). Prices in countries like the US or UK is way too expensive than that of the Philippines which holds the cheapest price for a UFC fight pass. With VPN you can now avail the cheapest price that is 73% cheaper than the price of the US UFC fight pass.

You can also watch UFC free by accessing free online streaming websites from another country without worrying about the geographical restrictions. However, there are some legal issues that surrounds the idea of accessing free online streaming websites during the events. To get away from the legal bummer, Kodi paired with a VPN of your choice is an alternative.

Whether you watch UFC online free live stream via the cheapest for VPN UFC fight pass or watch UFC free, the idea of using VPN is now taking us to the new heights of online live events streaming. UFC events for one has become so popular that its fan-base is continually growing exponentially and still continues to pick up steam. VPN has opened the door for a non-restricted access for the UFC fans to opt into whether it’s cheap or free.


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