How to watch Champions League online? Champions League live 2022!

Every year, footie fans head to the pubs or the stadium to watch the Champions League. And this year is no different. But if you’re stuck at home, can you watch the Champions League online? Read on to find out: In this post I’ll answer ‘where can I watch Champions League?’ as well as how to maximize your streaming experience.

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Where can I watch Champions League?

where can i watch champions league

BT Sports

As per usual, BT Sports is the official broadcaster for the Champions League online stream. If you type ‘where can I watch Champions League’ into Google, BT will definitely be the first result. You can catch all the action with a BT subscription and view matches both online and on your TV.


For those searching ‘where can I watch Champions League in the Republic of Ireland’, you can watch UEFA Champions League online at Livescore, or via a Virgin Media subscription.

Catch all the action from the source with This is the official broadcaster of the Champions League live stream free for Belarus, but with my trick you’ll be able to use this channel anywhere in the world (more on that later).


While DAZN has arrived in the UK, they’re not close to getting the top spot like BT. Instead, they’ll be offering Champions League online streaming for Canada, Germany and Austria. The channel is available in several languages and you can grab a 30-day free trial if there’s just a few games you’re dying to see.

Fubo TV

If you’re heading to The States, and aren’t sure where to watch Champions League, your best bet is Fubo TV. The platform offers a 7-day free trial.

Champions League live stream free: What’s the catch?

champions league live stream free

Although the above channels are all reputable brands, you can still find yourself bumping into issues when trying to learn how to watch Champions League for free. The first issue is that not all these channels are available in all countries. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling during the tournament, that shouldn’t mean you miss out. But how can you connect to your BT app when out of the UK?

The simple answer is, you can’t.

With BT, you can only watch the Champions League online on their platform in the UK. This is down to geo-restrictions. It’s the same for all the other broadcasters in the  above ‘where can I watch Champions League’ section. Broadcasters are only given the rights to air the tournament in specific countries. So if you’re travelling, you’ll need to find out how to watch Champions League for free in your location.

Unless of course, you know a little trick – like me…

Another issue you might come across is data throttling and speed problems. If your internet service provider sees that you’re trying to watch the Champions League online, they will slow your internet so that there’s more bandwidth to go around everyone. This means your stream will suffer and you might even miss the winning goal…

If you want to watch the Champions League live stream free from buffering and available in any country, you’ll need a special piece of software.

And it’s called a VPN.

Watch the Champions League online – Anywhere, buffer free

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is the only way you can learn how to watch Champions League for free across the globe.

In simple terms, a VPN allows you to emulate your location. This means you can pretend you’re just about anywhere in the world. While it’s not as good as actually travelling, you’ll at least know where can I watch Champions League.

When connected to a server, all your traffic will travel to the server before going onto the website you’re trying to access. That way, the server’s IP address will be provided to the website instead of your own. So, if you’re wanting to watch to get Champions League live streaming from DAZN, you can connect to a server in Canada and enjoy the show.

Similarly, if you’re outside the UK, but want to know how to watch Champions League for free, you can connect to a British server and streaming the event on your BT app like you usually would.

What’s even better is that while your activity travels to the server, it goes through an encrypted tunnel. The encryption means your ISP can’t see what you’re doing. And, if they can’t see that you’re trying to watch Champions League live stream free, they can’t throttle your data.

So, to answer ‘where can I watch Champions League?’ Absolutely anywhere, buffer-free.

How to watch Champions League for free with a VPN

champions league live stream free with vpn

If you want to watch the Champions League for free, you can find a free streaming platform and use a VPN to connect to it.

Alternatively, you can choose to use your subscription to any of the above platforms and use a VPN for when you’re out of the country.

ExpressVPN offers a free 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you plenty of time to try it out, watch a few games and request a refund. That way, you’ve technically been able to watch the Champions League live stream free.

There are plenty of VPNs that offer free trials, but when it comes to actually free VPNs, I say stay away.

Free VPNs barely ever work. So you don’t want to waste your time signing up, installing the software and setting it up, only to find you’re no closer to being able to watch the Champions League online.

Your best bet is to use a reputable VPN, like the ones I’ve listed below. Or just head straight to ExpressVPN.

That’s not the only downside to a free VPN either.

Not only will you not be able to watch the Champions League online, but they may even sell your data to the highest bidder. Free VPN brands have to make their money from somewhere, and it’s usually through dodgy dealing. So while all you ever wanted to do was to learn how to watch Champions League for free, you could find yourself becoming a victim of fraud.

Although the best brands offer a free trial, they do end up charging. However, the price isn’t very big and is way better than the money you could end up losing if your personal information gets stolen…

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The Best VPNs to watch the Champions League online

So, ‘where can I watch Champions League online’ has been answered. All that’s left to do is to choose VPN. Below, I’ve listed the best VPNs for how to watch Champions League for free. Below, I’ve ranked them with the following criteria:

  • My experience with the VPN: I like some VPNs better than others…
  • The speed of the VPN: You want to watch streaming videos, so it’s a must.
  • The VPN gets blocked: Never, from time to time, regularly…

Due to ups and downs in the VPN world, this list regularly evolves. Therefore, some VPNs might win or loses their spot. But all the VPN services in this list will show you how to watch Champions League for free.

What else can a VPN do?

VPNs were developed for security purposes. There are so many benefits to having a VPN that spread much further than answering ‘where can I watch Champions League’. Below are just a few perks.

Surf anonymously and protect your privacy

I actually always use a VPN on all my devices – and I recommend you do the same. In the same way as antivirus, a VPN can protect you while you browse the web. You leave traces of your activity on all the websites you visit, and with all these anonymous bits of information, it’s possible to find your location and your identity.

That’s why so many people use VPNs to improve and protect their security. By creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and its server, it protects your data from all snoopers (your ISP, your government, or hackers). Not forgetting that if you’re trying to watch the Champions League online, your ISP could interfere. Unless, of course, you’re using a VPN.

In addition, the VPN client hides your IP address and replaces it with the IP of its own server. So the websites you visit can’t actually see that it’s you visiting them. In essence, you’re browsing anonymously. They know your requests, of course, but they can’t link the requests to your real IP address.

Bypass censorship and unblock all content

You can also use a VPN to work around censorship and access all the geo-restricted content. So the question ‘where can I watch Champions League’ suddenly turns into ‘how can I watch anything, anywhere, at anytime?’ VPNs mean you can connect to Facebook from China, watch American Netflix from the UK and even get BBC iPlayer from abroad.

Most VPN providers offer a large selection of servers. So you can connect to the country where the content is accessible and get around geo-restrictions.

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Step by Step: How to watch Champions League for free

Finally, here’s a very simple guide to watch the Champions League online with a VPN. The steps should work with most VPN providers.

  1. Choose a VPN software from the list above (any, really)
  2. Click on the button to access the VPN official website
  3. Create an account and subscribe to the service
  4. Take advantage of any free trials and discounts
  5. Download, install, and launch the software
  6. In the client, select a server located in the UK (very important)
  7. Click on the “Connect” button
  8. Go back to the streaming platform you’ve chosen and login

That’s it! Now you know how to watch Champions League for free. What’s better is that most VPNs have mobile apps – so you can use them on all your devices!

This was my guide: How to watch the Champions League online. Stay tuned for more articles coming soon.

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