How to watch Champions League online? Champions League live!

The Champions League round of 16 starts in less than a month. And we still have 3 teams aiming at the final in Cardiff: Arsenal, Leicester City and Manchester City. If you’re home, you can watch Champions League online on BT Sports, which offers extensive coverage of both Champions League and Europa League. But if you’re abroad on holidays or on a business trip, you’ll need a special tool to live stream Champions League online!

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Can I watch BT Sports outside the UK?

Probably the most relevant question to ask if you want a Champions League live streaming. Indeed, BT Sports is the only channel in the UK airing the Champions League. So if you can’t watch this channel, you can’t watch UEFA Champions League live, right?

So, is it possible? Either you can try to launch the player, if you’re already abroad. Or you can read the FAQ on the channel’s website:

watch champions league live

Here’s your answer: You can’t watch any video content […] when you’re abroad. Bummer! Why wouldn’t they allow you to watch anything, especially when you subscribe to their services? Well, I have two words for you: Television rights. Indeed, the owners sold the Champions League rights to BT Sports for broadcast in the United Kingdom only. Therefore, if you’re outside the UK, you won’t have access to any game.

While it may seem unsolvable right now, a solution exists to stream Champions League. And it’s easy to implement and 100% legal.

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How to watch UEFA Champions League 2021?

Because you want to watch BT Sports, right? And obviously not a low-quality free stream full of viruses and ads, which buffers every five minutes. Otherwise, another Google search is your best bet, at your own risks.

A tool to unblock BT Sports Abroad

Indeed, the point of this article is to watch Champions League 2018, live, from BT Sports. So you can enjoy the high definition Champions League live streaming and football expert comments from Paul Scholes, David James or Steve McManaman.

BT Sports geo-restrictions are based on the IP address of your device: If your IP is outside the UK, then you get no content. Therefore, you need to focus on this tool: a VPN. I let you discover what is a Virtual Private Network in details. But what you need to know today is that this software can emulate your location anywhere in the world. At least, anywhere your provider offers servers. And in your case, you need a server in the UK.

Technically, the VPN server acts as an intermediary between your device and BT Sports’ website. And when you connect to the server, all your traffic goes through this server. With a server in the UK, BT Sports considers that you’re located in the UK – even when you’re not. As a result, you can live stream Champions League, as you would at home. And luckily, most VPN providers offer a UK server.

And so much more

So you want to watch BT Sports outside the UK. And you need to subscribe to a VPN service. But you’re not convinced yet. You should know that a VPN offers other benefits. Indeed, VPNs were developed for security purposes.

Surf anonymously and protect your privacy

First of all, I’d recommend to always use a VPN, on all your devices. Like you would use an antivirus. Because you leave traces of your activity on all the websites you visit. And with all these anonymous bits of information, it’s possible to find your location and your identity.

live stream champions league

Hence the use of a VPN to improve your privacy and your security. By creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and its server, it protects your data from all snoopers (your ISP, your government, or hackers).

In addition, the VPN client hides your IP address and replaces it with the IP of its own server. So the websites you visit consider you’re the server and have no clue you’re the one actually visiting them. And you’re browsing anonymously. They know your requests, of course, but they can’t link the requests to your real IP address.

Bypass censorship and unblock all content

Finally, you can use a VPN to work around censorship and access all the geo-restricted content, not only the Champions League games on BT Sports. Therefore, you can connect to Facebook from China. Or you can watch American Netflix from the UK and the BBC iPlayer from abroad.

watch champions league online

Most VPN providers offer a large selection of servers. So you can connect to the country where the content is accessible and get around geo-restrictions.

For an affordable fee

Nothing’s really free. The companies which offer free VPNs are no NGOs. Behind their service is a network with hardware, software and employees. And that’s expensive! As a result, some unscrupulous companies might use your data for commercial purpose… Hence ruining all your efforts to protect your privacy.

In addition,a free VPN will mostly fail to unblock BT Sports. And its speed will be too slow for a nice streaming experience. A good VPN is not free, but it’s cheap, between £5 and £10 for a month.

And you can subscribe for only a month. It’s easy and you won’t have any unpleasant surprise. However, if you subscribe for 6 months to 2 years, you can get a much better deal, with over 50% discounts.

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The best VPN to watch Champions League live

So, I made the below selection of VPN based on these 3 criteria:

  • My experience with the VPN: I like some VPNs better than others…
  • The speed of the VPN: You want to watch streaming videos, so it’s a must.
  • The VPN gets blocked: Never, from time to time, regularly…

Due to ups and downs in the VPN world, this list regularly evolves. Therefore some VPNs might win or loses their spot. But all the VPN services in this list will allow you to live stream Champions League.

Tutorial to watch Champions League online

Finally, here’s a very simple guide to watch Champions League live. And it should work with most VPN providers.

  1. Choose a VPN software from the list above (any, really)
  2. Click on the button to access the VPN official website
  3. Create an account and subscribe to the service
  4. Download, install, and launch the software
  5. In the client, select a server located in the UK (very important)
  6. Click on the “Connect” button
  7. Go back to the BT Sports website or app, login

That’s it! Now you know how to watch the UEFA champions league stream. And on all your devices! It’s not the World Cup, but it’s every year!

champions league live streaming

This was my guide: How to watch Champions League online? Champions League live! Stay tuned for more articles coming soon.

Before you go sports fans!

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