What’s My IP?

If you’re already using a VPN you have nothing to fear and you’re safe to surf online. If you’re not, you should know that every time you visit a website or use an application that uses data, your browsing history and your IP address will be stored on the network.

For example, I can know the language of your computer, the browser you’re using, your operating system and even your IP address and location now (kind of scary right?):


What’s an IP address?

All devices need an IP address to access the Internet. Your IP address is unique, it can be static (your Internet Service Provider assigns to you and it never changes) or dynamic (changing at the will of your ISP, every hour or so, or at each restart of your router).

When a person, a company or a government has access to your IP address (the real one) then it is possible for them to know your exact location from which you’re connecting. It doesn’t matter if you’re connected through a wire, WiFi or your mobile phone data.

If you do not want anyone to detect your real IP address (the one given by your ISP) you need to hide it or to change it. The best way to do this is to use a VPN. For example: HideMyAss is intended for those who wish to hide their IP address or change it continuously.

Do private browsing hide my IP?

Unfortunately no, it doesn’t. Both incognito mode from Chrome and private browsing from Firefox do not hide your IP address. These special tabs or windows can only protect your local navigation data (on your computer). The data are still transmitted in the clear over the Internet and can be intercepted, and your IP address is still public for every website you visit. The only way to protect yourself is a VPN.

How to hide my IP address?

The only way to hide an IP address is to use a different IP address.
To achieve this, there are two solutions available:

  1. Using a proxy, by directly entering your proxy address (public or private) in your browser
  2. Connecting to a VPN service to get a new IP address. I recommend this solution because the VPN will also encrypt your data in order to make you completely anonymous online. All your devices (phones, tablets or computers) can be connected to the Internet with a new IP address to secure and encrypt all your data.

Protect my IP with a VPN

On my website, I’ve written a number of articles that focus on the protection of personal data on the internet, through the use of a VPN Service.

I’ve identified and tested the best VPNs available on the market, which guarantee a 100% security, that only a VPN service can bring you.