How to Watch Melbourne Cup Online in the UK 2024

If you consider yourself a fan of horse racing, you must be excited about the 2024 Melbourne Cup live streaming free in the UK! But how do you even watch it if you’re not in Australia? To be more precise, how do plan to watch Melbourne Cup Race live stream in the UK?

Well, that’s where a good-quality VPN comes into play. Where other methods fail to unlock geo-restricted content, premium VPN services like ExpressVPN reign.

In this post today, we’re going to explore how you can watch Melbourne Cup Live Streaming from anywhere. We’ll list the best streaming platforms as well as the issues you’re likely to face with them.

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Best Streaming Platforms to Watch Melbourne Cup Online

melbourne cup race live stream

If you’re planning on watching the Melbourne Cup live streaming in the UK, you might want to pay close attention to this section. We’re going to cover the most accessible channels for our views!

Sky Sports Racing for Melbourne Cup Race Live Stream

To broadcast Melbourne Cup in the UK, Sky Sports Racing has the rights. You can also stream the channels through Now TV, an international streaming media company.

Even if you’re outside of the UK, you can grab a VPN and unlock any restrictions put on your Now TV account.

Spark Sport for Melbourne Cup Race Live Stream

If you’re in New Zealand for business or pleasure during the time of Melbourne Cup online, you may want to check out whether your TV package has TAB Trackside access or not. If you don’t, you can simply stream the horse races on Spark Sport!

Channel 10

For 2019 and 2020 Melbourne Cup, Channel 10 had the rights for broadcasting. The same is true for 2024. So, all you need to do is tune in as long as you have access.

Channel 7

Except for the Melbourne Cup Carnival, all other races are scheduled to be broadcasted on Channel 7.

10 Network

While 10 Network doesn’t have the rights to broadcast all of the races, it has managed to cover all major race days. And it all starts on October 31, Victoria Derby Day! for Melbourne Cup Race Live Stream is another native Australian streaming service that has landed the rights for Melbourne Cup race live stream. This channel is very much dedicated to horse racing events from around the world. So, you might want to check it out using a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Issues with Watching Melbourne Cup Online On Those Channels

how to watch melbourne cup race live stream

In our previous section, we’ve covered both free and paid options for you to watch Melbourne Cup online stream. But if you decide to tackles these platforms head-on, there might be a few different issues that you may come across.

Geo-Restrictions on Melbourne Cup Race Live Stream

When watching Melbourne Cup online is concerned, this is the biggest issue of all. As the Melbourne Cup race live stream has a very niche audience, the list of broadcasting partners is very niche as well. As a matter of fact, there is only one broadcasting partner in the UK!

Even if you’re based in other countries than the UK, you still have very limited access. This problem can only be solved by using a good quality VPN service to unlock all content for all locations.

Living Abroad During Melbourne Cup Live Streaming

Even if you’re a British Citizen, it doesn’t mean that you live in the UK. You might be settled abroad or visit other countries for business purposes. In case you’re in a country where there are no broadcasting partners for Melbourne Cup online, you won’t be able to enjoy the amazing race.

However, if you have access to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, location is not going to be an issue for you. You’ll be able to enjoy the race from anywhere in the world!

Speed & Quality Issues in Melbourne Cup Live Streaming

As we’re living in the 21st century, it’s quite safe to assume that you plan to watch Melbourne Cup Race live stream on the internet instead of the cable. And we know for a fact that there are plenty of horse racing enthusiasts in the UK just like you.

So, what happens when all of you try to watch the same event on the same day at the same time? Well, it’ll create a virtual traffic jam over the network. As a result, the quality of the event will drop and it might buffer. In such a time-sensitive event like Melbourne Cup live streaming, buffering can really hurt your watching experience.

Watch Melbourne Cup Online On Those Platforms with a VPN to Maximize Your Streaming Experience

watch melbourne cup race live stream with vpn

All of the channels we’ve discussed so far surely pose some challenges for a smooth viewing experience. But it can all be solved with a simple solution. A VPN service like ExpressVPN.

VPN software are capable of rerouting your IP address through different servers. And ExpressVPN only reroutes through the fastest servers they own. It means even if there is network congestion on your local network, you won’t feel it thanks to the ExpressVPN servers.

Try A VPN for Free Now with ExpressVPN Free Trial

To allow you to experience the amazing of ExpressVPN, it offers a free trial when you first buy it. But the fact that you can get free trials shouldn’t encourage you to use free VPN software out there.

As of now, you can find hundreds of VPN apps with a simple search on Google. The truth of the free VPN apps is not very entertaining. There have been numerous reports of data theft, malware attack, and ransomware attack in recent years. And a lot of it happened due to free VPNs.

So, how to watch Melbourne cup online safely? opt for a paid and well-reviewed service like ExpressVPN. It’s arguably the best VPN that exists right now. So, enjoy your Melbourne Cup Race live stream with the free trial period!

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Best VPN For Watching Melbourne Cup Online

As we’ve already said, there are hundreds of VPN services available on the internet. As an average user, it might be very hard for you to determine which one to go with, right? That’s why we’ve compiled the best VPNs for Melbourne Cup live streaming, regardless of your actual geolocation!

Best All Round 1 ExpressVPN | Review and cost 2024
2 Private Internet Access | Review and cost 2024
3 CyberGhost | Review and cost 2024
4 IPVanish | Review and cost 2024
5 NordVPN | Review and cost 2024

What Other Benefits Can a VPN Offer?

A VPN might be the ultimate tool to watch the Melbourne Cup race live, but it’s not all it can do! There are plenty of other uses of VPNs including

  • Network Encryption: The internet has a very dark side as well as the bright side. To keep you safe from hackers and scammers, a VPN could be the tool you’ve been looking for.
  • A World of Content: If you love watching movies, TV shows, anime, etc. from all different countries, a VPN is one of the best investments you can make!
  • Higher Speeds: In general, you’d think that the direct connection with your ISP is the fastest. However, when you experience a premium service like ExpressVPN, you’ll realize that your internet experience has been improved!


What is the best paid VPN at the moment?

From what we’ve experienced, ExpressVPN is the fastest and most balanced VPN software you can buy.

How to watch Melbourne Cup live stream free in the UK?

When you have access to an amazing VPN like ExpressVPN, all of the channels and platforms we’ve covered in this guide should be open to you. Pick one that you like the most!

Is a VPN safe to use?

Reputed VPN software are completely safe to use. But you need to be careful about the free versions as they’re not very safe.


Among the many horse racing events around the world, the Aussies are proud of the Melbourne Cup live streaming the most. If you’re a fan of the sport yourself, why not get the best VPN to smooth out the entire race event?


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