How to Watch Euro Cup live streaming in 2024

The past year hasn’t been the same without football. But as restrictions are slowly lifted, we are back to enjoying all the latest games both in person and through live streams. If you want to live stream Euro Cup 2021, get prepped with my guide on Euro Cup live streaming, and how you can access it all for free with the help of a VPN.

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Where to watch Euro Cup Live Streaming

where to watch euro cup live streaming

First things first, when it comes to sports, only certain broadcasters have the rights to Euro Cup streaming live, will others can only show the highlights. Below is a list of those with access to the UEFA Euro Cup live stream across the continent.


As with most sporting events, BBC has the broadcasting rights to provide Euro Cup streaming live throughout June and July. Pretty much everyone in the UK has access to BBC and iPlayer, so you should have no problems finding a UEFA Euro Cup live stream. For those in the UK citizens, BBC is free and accessible for everyone – as long as you have paid your TV licence.


Zattoo is a Swiss provider that lets you live stream Euro Cup this year. It is a free streaming platform, based in Switzerland so with the right tech, you’ll be able to access the UEFA European championship live stream for free.


This is the official broadcaster for the UEFA Euro Cup live stream in Italy. RAI is available for free, making this a great alternative to BBC or Zattoo.

Sling TV

European Championship live streaming can also be accessed through your Sling TV subscription. If you’re already signed up, the games will be available on ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC.

If you’re not signed up to Sling TV, a subscription will set you back around $30 a month, but there is a 7 day free trial you can use if you’re only interested in watching a certain game.

YouTube TV

Another paid platform offering Euro Cup streaming live is YouTube TV. For those not already signed up, YouTube TV is $50 a month but offers new users a 5-day free trial. YouTube TV will be offering a UEFA Euro Cup live stream for 39 matches on ESPN, while another 12 will be available on ESPN 2 and ABC.

euro cup live streaming

Why can’t I live stream Euro cup on these channels?

If you’re in the UK during the tournament, you might find the only UEFA Euro Cup live stream you can access is BBC.


It’s all down to individual broadcasting rights. Streaming sites are offered the rights to provide users with Euro Cup streaming live, but only in certain regions. RAI is only available in Italy and Zattoo is only accessible in Switzerland. For Sling TV and YouTube, you’ll also find these are geo-restricted.

Similarly, if you’re lucky enough to get away this Summer, you won’t be able to access Euro Cup live streaming on iPlayer while out of the country.

Another issue you might notice when you live stream Euro Cup is how slow your internet becomes. Live streaming can take up a lot of bandwidth and may lead to buffering or lagging if the connection isn’t strong enough.

So how can you avoid all of this and get back to enjoying the footie?

How to maximize your Euro Cup Live Streaming experience

If you want to watch a UEFA Euro Cup live stream while travelling, without a TV license, or simply want to avoid any chance of lagging, I’ve got the perfect solution.

Three letters.


A VPN – or Virtual Private Network – can be used anywhere in the world to hide your IP address from internet providers and streaming sites. How does it work? Well, you’ll connect to a VPN server, and instead of displaying your own IP address, you’ll actually show sites the address of that server. So if you want to live stream Euro Cup on BBC while out of the country, you can choose to display an IP address for a UK based VPN server. This means the streaming site will think you’re in the UK and provide access to Euro Cup live streaming while being non the wiser.

Similarly, if you want to access RAI or Zattoo, all you have to do is choose a server within those countries.

For lagging purposes, a VPN keeps your online activity anonymous – even from your internet service provider (ISP). If it’s hidden, ISPs can’t detect you’re live streaming and therefore can’t throttle your internet access.

For the best watching experience, I recommend always connecting to a VPN before trying to access Euro Cup streaming live.

How to watch the UEFA Euro Cup live with a VPN for free

In terms of watching a UEFA Euro Cup live stream, I’ve highlighted 3 freebies above, along with 2 paid subscription options if you already have an account. However, even if you choose a free option for Euro Cup live streaming, a VPN will cost.

Luckily, it’ll only cost the price of a Starbucks.

For less than a tenner, a VPN won’t just work to live stream Euro Cup, it’ll also help you access Netflix US, Hulu and any other TV show or film you want to see.

What’s more, some offer free trials or a money-back guarantee. A particular favourite of mine is ExpressVPN, who offer all new users a 30 day money back guarantee.

That’s just enough time to live stream Euro Cup (which runs between the 11th June and 11th July), and get your money back. Though when you unlock these VPN’s features, I’m pretty sure you’ll struggle to live without them.

watch euro cup live streaming

The guarantee is available for all users, no matter what subscription you sign up for. If you think you’ll only be using the VPN to access Euro Cup streaming live, you can sign up to a month’s access for £9.95. But, if you think you could be swayed by its endless benefits, you can save tonnes of money by signing up for a yearly plan for just £4.97 a month.

Once you’ve signed up for the VPN of your choice, you’ll need to download the software. Then, all you have to do is connect to a server in the country of your choice to access Euro Cup streaming live!

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A final note on free Euro Cup live streaming: Stay away from ‘free’ VPNs. Chances are, free VPNs won’t even work. But if you manage to find one that does, you’ll be paying for the service in another way. Free VPN providers have been known to sell their user’s data to third parties, so it’s worth just staying completely away from freebies on the internet.

Best VPNs to stream the Euro Cup

So, instead of having to navigate the world of VPNs alone, I’ve done the hard work for you. Below is a list of the best VPNs available for Euro Cup streaming live. I’ve ranked the VPNs in line with the ease of use, speed of connection and value for money. If you see one that takes your fancy, click the button next to it to be redirected to the site. From there, you can set up your account and access a UEFA Euro Cup live stream.

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4 IPVanish | Review and cost 2024
5 NordVPN | Review and cost 2024

What else can a VPN do?

A VPN isn’t just there to help you live stream Euro Cup. Its primary goal is to actually keep you safe while you surf the web. There are plenty of bad guys on the internet that can track your activity and use it against you. Also, think about how much personal information we all put onto the web without even thinking: Bank details, home address, login passwords etc. All of this can be tracked and traced to help attackers hack your accounts or sell your data.

With a VPN, your online activity and data are protected within an encrypted tunnel. Not even the VPN provider can access your data. For peace of mind, I always use a VPN whenever I access the web. And I definitely will keep this habit when Euro Cup live streaming in the Summer.

So that’s how to live stream Euro Cup

If you’re excited to get back into all the excitement of football, you don’t want to miss the UEFA Euro Cup live stream. In this guide, I’ve highlighted several platforms that will have the rights to Euro Cup live streaming this year, and how you can access them. I’ve also shown you how to add a new level of security and enjoyment to the experience.

Lastly, I’ve ranked the best VPNs for Euro Cup streaming live, so that you don’t have to find one for yourself. And, I’ve given you the chance to access one of the best VPNs free for 30 days with no strings attached. What more could you want?



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