Best Football Streaming Sites 2024

As we all know, football is a hugely popular sport that has broadcasters across the world begging for streaming rights. No matter where you’re from, you can guarantee there is some level of football to watch and enjoy. So, whether you’re interested in the latest Premier League fixtures, or prefer International football like the La Liga tournament, I’m sharing the best football streaming sites that let you have it all.

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The Best Sites for Free Football Streaming

best football streaming sites


If you’re already a user of Bet365, this is probably one of the best free football streaming sites, if not the best. The online bookies offers its users live streaming on site, making it even easier to follow the score while placing your bets.

As long as you’ve deposited £10 into your account, Bet365 is the best site to stream live football, as well as other sports like rugby, tennis and F1.


Second in the list of free streaming websites football, is Streamonsport.

You’ll find streams for Formula 1, basketball, tennis and, of course, football – all of which can be accessed on both PC and smartphone. What makes Streamonsport one of the best sites for streaming football is that you don’t actually have to sign up or register to use it. That said, there are several streams that will require you to sign up before viewing.

One downside to free football live streaming sites, is that you might experience the occasional pop-up, though Streamonsport has very few.


Stream2watch is another one of the football streaming free sites I recommend. The site doesn’t actually offer the streams itself, but is a great resource for finding all the football content you could ever need. However, a word of warning; there can be a lot of pop-ups. But nothing an ad blocker can’t handle. Stream2Watch users can access the best, live football every day, with streams that are hugely reliable. So, while there are invasive ads, I still think it’s one of the best sites for free football streaming. is another of the best free football streaming sites, which I’ve mentioned quite a few times in my other articles. The platform is one of my favourites, as the interface is super user-friendly, making it really easy to find the stream you’re looking for. is up there with the best sites for free football streaming because streams are categorised by game. Click on the match you’re wanting to watch and a new window will open featuring all the streams they have available.

Livescore App

For those looking to watch the footie on their smart phone, Livescore is definitely one of the best free football streaming sites out there. Content has to be stream via their app, which is available both on iOS and Android. Livescore isn’t just one of the best sites for free football streaming though, they actually claim to be the best destination for football, cricket, tennis, hockey and basketball.

best football streaming sites for uk

The Best Football Streaming Sites UK

BT Sports

Claiming themselves to be the ‘heart of sport’ BT Sports of course tops the list of the best football streaming sites – along with their rivals, Sky. BT is home to content for just about any sport that might come to mind, with millions tuning in for key events such as Wimbledon, MotoGP and UFC. The main calendar focus for BT Sports is UK football, but they also have an exclusive deal with UEFA to broadcast the Champions and Europa Leagues in full.

BT Sports is available through your TV package, with sports-only subscriptions also available.

Sky Sports

Another top contender for the best football streaming sites is Sky Sports. No matter how you want to watch football, you can do so with Sky. Enjoy the content online, via the app on your smartphone, tablet and also on the TV. There are some sites reporting that Sky Sports is one of the best free football streaming sites, however, I’m pretty sure you’ll need a subscription – either to a TV package or the Sports pass.


For US and UK viewers, ESPN is up there as one of the best football streaming sites, as well as being home to just about any other sports content you can think of. The hugely popular broadcaster can be accessed via a number of platforms such as Sling TV, Cox, Hulu and more.

Amazon Prime

In their continued quest to take over the world, Amazon Prime has bagged itself a number of broadcasting deals, making them one of the fastest platforms to become one of the best football streaming sites.

The best sites for free football streaming: What’s the catch?

So, above I’ve provided a list of the best football streaming sites, as well as the best free football streaming sites so that you can enjoy whatever type of content you prefer. Whether you choose paid or free, there are still several issues you might experience.

The first is ads. If you’re a streaming aficionado, you’ll be more than familiar with pop up ads that appear when using the best sites for free football streaming. These ads however are how the sites get their income, so if you can bear with, it’ll benefit them. Those that can’t handle it can use an ad blocker.

The second issue is that not all of the best free football streaming sites are available in the UK – neither are the paid ones. ESPN for example is based in the US, and may not have content available here. Similarly, however, UK Amazon content isn’t available if you’re out of the country. Even those that have subscribed to BT or Sky won’t be able to watch football while travelling.

The final problem is that you might miss goals if you don’t combat the buffering issue. While the best football streaming sites offer good quality content, your internet provider can still be a problem. They’ll throttle your data if they detect you streaming live content, and as such, you’ll experience buffering. Not great if it’s the 89th minute of the game…

Thankfully, I do have a solution that means you can take your pick from the best free football streaming sites and enjoy the content wherever you are, buffer-free.

All you’ll need is a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s the solution to so many issues that occur when browsing the web. When you connect to a VPN, all your traffic will travel through an encrypted tunnel to a server of your choice. VPNs offer their users a huge number of servers across the globe so if you’re trying to find the best sites for free football streaming, and can’t find one in your country, you can choose a server in another country. A VPN server will then access the site for you – displaying its own IP address rather than yours. So, a US server will be able to access ESPN US even if you’re in the UK.

And, the encryption across your traffic means that onlookers – like your ISP – can’t see what you’re up to. Meaning they can’t stop you watching that final goal buffer-free.

best sites for free football streaming

Using a VPN for the Best Free Football Streaming Sites

While I have provided a list of the best sites for free football streaming, I can’t recommend free VPNs to match.

Freebies are more often than not, not exactly how they seem. VPNs take a lot of maintenance and have a huge number of servers to pay for. None of which can be done if the company isn’t bringing in any money. So, how are these ‘free’ VPNs doing it? Well, they’ve been known to sell on your data to the highest bidder. Best case scenario, you get more spam calls. Worst case? You could end up being a victim of fraud.

However, my favourite VPN – ExpressVPN – does offer users a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the service within a month, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

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The Best VPNs for the best free football streaming sites

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The Ultimate Guide to the best sites for free football streaming

So, this guide should’ve given you just about everything you need to find somewhere to watch the footie. Depending on what type of content you’re looking for, I’ve listed the best sites for free football streaming, as well as the highest quality paid streaming platforms. Then, I’ve provided the key to all your streaming problems by sharing the best VPNs for the job.


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