Watch PGA Championship Live Stream UK 2024

PGA Championship watch live is the biggest tournament in Golf in the USA. The top golfers from all around the world flock to the USA to participate. If you’re a fan and you’ve been waiting to watch PGA Championship live stream UK, I’ve got you. You’ll learn how to do the PGA Championship stream from anywhere in the world.

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Last updated: 15 July 2024

Where Can I Watch PGA Championship Online?

All major broadcasters for all PGA Championship streams are located in the USA. Considering the venue of the tournament, it’s understandable. The four biggest broadcasters for the event are CBS, ABC, ESPN, and Turner Sports.

watch pga championship

But there’s no reason to be disheartened with PGA Championship watch live. Sky Sports has secured the right to broadcast the games in the UK. As long as you have a subscription to Sky Sports, you can watch all the matches.

Similarly, Australian fans have to tune into Fox Sports while Canadians can enjoy the matches on TSN.

As you can see, different countries around the world have different broadcasters for the PGA Championship stream. It’s primarily due to the geo-restrictions imposed by the governments. Under the international broadcasting laws, one company can only secure the rights of so many countries.

More or less the same rules apply to streaming platforms. When you try to watch PGA Championship from a different country where you’re not supposed to, the server will block your access. It’s done by simply blocking your IP address.

If you happen to be in a country during the PGA Championship stream where you don’t have access to any streaming network or TV channels, don’t worry. As I promised, I’ve got you covered and I’ll make sure you can watch every single game.

Wondering how? With help from a VPN!

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How to Watch PGA Championship Live Online with a VPN

Since the inception of VPNs, the world of the internet is not the same anymore. Whether you want to watch PGA Championship stream or play video games on a different server, a VPN will help you out every step of the way.

If you’re not acquainted yet, a VPN is a piece of software that encrypts your internet connection. When it happens, the data you send and receive basically go through an opaque tunnel. No one on the outside can see what’s happening inside the channel.

At the same time, the VPN changes your IP address. When you connect to a country’s server from the interface, your public IP address becomes one from that particular country. As a result, the servers cannot block your access to PGA Championship live stream UK anymore.

pga championship stream

Let’s understand how a VPN can help you to PGA Championship watch live with an example. Assume you have a subscription for Sky Sports UK but you’re not in the country at the time of the PGA Championship live stream UK. So, you won’t be able to watch the games.

But if you connect to a UK server using the VPN, your IP address will change to one with a UK prefix. As a result, the host server of the streaming platform will think you’re in the UK and it won’t block your access anymore.

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Best VPNs to Watch PGA Championship Live Stream UK

I call myself a self-proclaimed VPN expert. Because I’ve been using VPN for both work and entertainment purposes for as long as I remember. Over the years, I’ve tested out many of the prominent players in the market. Finally, I’ve settled down with ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN has done a wonderful job of including features that users will actually benefit from. Hundreds of servers sprinkled all over the world ensure that you get access to whatever you need.

But I can’t claim that my choice is always right. So, I’m going to list the best VPNs of our time in one place so that you can decide on your own.

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4 IPVanish | Review and cost 2024
5 NordVPN | Review and cost 2024

The Vicious Bite of Free VPNs

If you’re somewhat tech-savvy, there’s a chance you’ve used VPN before. And that was a free VPN, right? If you don’t want to do any more damage, uninstall it right now and then read what I have to say about free VPNs.

Whether you want to go for the PGA Championship watch live online or play your favorite multiplayer game, you should never use a free VPN. Because they don’t work! Or, they give you the notion that it’s working. But the reality is different.

pga championship watch live

Moreover, free VPNs don’t have any safety net to fall back to. Considering the resources required to safely operate a VPN business, you can’t trust VPNs at all. I can go out on a limb and tell you that a lot of free VPNs make their money by selling personal user information.

It’s known as the logging policy. You won’t hear or read about this policy anywhere on the Terms and conditions. Because it’s illegal!

The bottom line is, even if you feel the temptation of using a free VPN to watch US PGA Championship live stream UK, don’t do it. Instead, you can give ExpressVPN’s 30-day free trial a go if you’re not yet ready to subscribe.

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Other Benefits of a VPN

Although I’m discussing the PGA Championship stream for this post, it’s not the only thing a VPN is useful for. In fact, it can go beyond the PGA Championship watch live and do wonders for you.

Think of the VOD streaming platforms for example. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime, etc. are all mainstream players in the industry. Did you know that they have loads of geo-locked content?

You unlock all of them by simply getting ExpressVPN. All you have to do is connect to the server of the country you’re targeting and you’re good to go.


By now, you have a clear understanding of how the geo-restrictions on PGA Championship live stream UK work and how to bypass them. Utilize this knowledge for your day-to-day tasks all thanks to ExpressVPN.


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