Formula 1 streaming: Where to watch formula 1 online live?

Formula 1 is the highest class of single-seat auto racing, in case you didn’t realise and been living on another planet. While F1 popularity’s been falling since 2008, I still enjoy the rivalry and competitiveness between drivers and teams. And Formula One cars are the fastest road course racing cars in the world. But it’s not always easy to get a good Formula One streaming. Therefore in this article, I’ll tell you where to watch Formula 1. And how to stream Formula 1. So you can get your weekly dose of Formula 1 streaming, sometimes for free.

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How to stream Formula 1?

Times have changed: Today, thanks to technology, distant countries are not that far anymore. And this also applies to sports events. Indeed, it’s now possible to watch Formula 1 live on the sites of TV channels all around the world. You don’t need to travel and get a day pass for the race. Where to watch every race of Formula 1? Almost everywhere! And I’m not talking about any of these low-quality free stream full of viruses and ads, which buffer every five minutes. Because you don’t need me for this. And I think this is #1 dangerous #2 a waste of time. As a result, I’ll tell you how to stream Formula 1 from official TV websites.

However, most TV channels restrict the access to their Formula One streaming to the users of their country. Because of TV rights, they can’t broadcast outside their designated area. And that’s the way it works with the BBC too, which broadcasts half of the races of F1 2019 for free: Only users with an English IP address can access the official Formula One streaming on the BBC iPlayer.

Where to watch Formula 1 online for free?

I’ll tell you later how to stream Formula 1. But let’s start with the websites where you’ll be able to watch Formula 1. While some websites provide a free Formula 1 streaming, most of the time you’ll need a subscription (or a TV pass – like the Sky Sports pass) to the channel. So if your subscription to get the Formula one streaming is blocked because you’re abroad, keep reading to find out the solution. And you’ll easily get the live coverage of every race.

Also, if you want to watch Formula 1 for FREE, I’ve added stars to make it easier for you.

Country Where to watch Formula 1? Language
UK Sky Sports F1 English
Australia TENplay FREE English
Australia Foxtel Play FREE English
Canada RDS 2 French
Canada TSN 3 English
Croatia MAXtv Croatian
Czech Republic Nova Sports Czech
Finland MTV 3 Finnish
France Canal+ Sport French
Germany RTL Television German
Germany Sky Sport German
Japan Fuji TV Next Japanese
Italy Sky Sport F1 Italian
Middle East BeIN Sports Arabic
Romania Dolce Sport Romanian
Spain Antena 3 Spanish
Spain Esport 3 Spanish
Sweden Viasat Sport Swedish
USA NBC Sports English
USA Univision Deportes Spanish

Watch F1 streaming live with a VPN

The problem with this list of F1 streaming sites is that most of them are restricted. So you know where to watch Formula 1. But you don’t know how to stream Formula 1.  Don’t leave the cockpit just yet! Because there’s a solution to legally watch Formula 1 streaming anywhere.

So, the geo-restrictions are triggered by your IP address. And if your IP is on the blacklist of the site, you can’t access the Formula 1 streaming. Therefore, you need a tool to replace your IP with an IP from the country of the site. And with the right IP, you can bypass all geo-restrictions.

While you could use a proxy, I recommend one tool to unblock Formula 1 streaming: A Virtual Private Network. Indeed, a V.P.N. can emulate your location in each country where there’s a server.

formula one streaming

And the VPN server connects to the channel’s website on your behalf. Therefore, the channel will consider that you’re located in the right country – even if you’re not. And you know how to stream Formula 1 from anywhere!

But you can connect to only one server at a time. So you can watch the Formula One streaming of one country at a time. And if you want to change country, then you have to disconnect and connect to a new server!

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Why subscribe to a VPN service?

First of all, I think you understand that you can access all geo-restricted content, not only the Formula One streaming. Therefore you can any sports stream, like the Champions League or the NBA games. But that’s not it. Indeed, a Virtual Private Network offers other features. And you can even find some provider which offer a VPN for Kodi (a really great media player).

Protect your privacy

At the origin, companies needed a tool to secure their connections. And not because they wondered how to stream Formula 1… Indeed, employees connecting outside their office were accessing sensitive data in the clear. And these data could have been stolen by competitors. Therefore, their developers created VPNs to protect their data on the Internet.

where to watch formula 1

Hence the use of a VPN to improve privacy and security. Because a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and its server, protecting your data from all snoopers.

In addition, the VPN client hides your IP address and replaces it with the IP of its own server. Therefore the websites you visit have no clue you’re actually visiting them. While they know your requests, they can’t link the requests to your real IP address. So you’re browsing anonymously.

Pro tip from Al

As a result, I always recommend using a VPN, on all your devices. Indeed, even if you don’t access sensitive information, you leave traces of your activity everywhere. And with all these anonymous bits of information, it’s possible to locate and identify you.

Subscribe to an affordable service

You know how to stream Formula 1: With a VPN. And where to watch Formula 1: Anywhere. While the best VPNs are not free, they’re not expensive. And you can find promotions for cheap VPNs, as low as £2.50 for a month. Furthermore, you can subscribe for only a month, 6 months or 1 year. A yearly subscription will be the cheapest option to get the Formula One streaming of each Grand Prix. And you can get much better deals, with over 50% discounts. So we’re talking about the price of a couple pints to guarantee your privacy online and bypass all restrictions. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

As a rule, you can try most VPN for free with their money-back guarantee. Also, it’s easy to cancel a subscription and you won’t have any unpleasant surprise.

Red flag!

In this world, nothing’s really free. The people or organization offering free VPNs are no NGOs. Behind their service is an expensive network with hardware, software and employees. You know the saying: “If You’re Not Paying For It, You Become The Product”. Therefore, if you don’t pay for the service, your value is in your navigation data and your online habits.

The best VPN for Formula 1 streaming

So if you’re ready to subscribe to a VPN service, look no further. Because I made a selection of the best VPN to stream Formula 1 based on these criteria:

  • My experience: I like some VPNs better than others…
  • The speed of the VPN: You want to watch Formula 1 streaming, right?
  • The VPN gets blocked: Never, from time to time, regularly…
  • The number of servers: It depends where to watch Formula 1. So you can access all sites above!

In addition, all the VPN services in this list will allow you to watch Formula One online. And they’re available on most platforms, even games consoles.

Tutorial to stream Formula 1?

Finally, here’s a very simple guide that explains how to stream Formula 1 step by step. And it should work with most VPN providers, if not all.

  1. Choose a VPN software from the list above (any, really)
  2. Click on the button to access the VPN official website
  3. Subscribe to the service (follow on-screen instructions)
  4. Download, install and launch the software
  5. In the client, select a server located in the country you need (depending on the channel)
  6. Click on the “Connect” button
  7. Go back to the channel’s website or app, login or refresh the page to watch F1 live stream.

That’s it, you can now watch Formula One streaming. And on all your devices!

Formula 1 2019 at a glance

This year is the new edition of the Formula One World Championship. Between the first F1 race in Australia and the last race in Abu Dhabi drivers will participate in twenty Grands Prix. And that’s as many Formula 1 streaming you can unblock!

Teams and drivers for 2019 season

The following teams and drivers are taking part in the 2019 Formula One World Championship. Follow their performances with Formula 1 streaming.

Team Name Driver
ferrari FERRARI 5 Sebastian Vettel
ferrari FERRARI 7 Kimi Räikkönen
force india FORCE INDIA 11 Sergio Perez
force india FORCE INDIA 31 Esteban Ocon
haas HAAS 8 Romain Grosjean
haas HAAS 20 Kevin Magnussen
mclaren MCLAREN 2 Stoffel Vandoorne
mclaren MCLAREN 14 Fernando Alonso
mercedes MERCEDES 44 Lewis Hamilton
mercedes MERCEDES 77 Valtteri Bottas
red bull racing RED BULL RACING 3 Daniel Ricciardo
red bull racing RED BULL RACING 33 Max Verstappen
renault RENAULT 27 Nico Hülkenberg
renault RENAULT 55 Carlos Sainz
sauber SAUBER 9 Marcus Ericsson
sauber SAUBER 16 Charles Leclerc
toro rosso TORO ROSSO 10 Pierre Gasly
toro rosso TORO ROSSO 28 Brendon Hartley
williams WILLIAMS 18 Lance Stroll
williams WILLIAMS 35 Sergey Sirotkin

Formula 1 Races calendar

Round Grand Prix Circuit Date
1 Australian Grand Prix Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne 25 Mar.
2 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir 8 Apr.
3 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai 15 Apr.
4 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Baku City Circuit, Baku 29 Apr.
5 Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona 13 May
6 Monaco Grand Prix Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo 27 May
7 Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal 10 Jun.
8 French Grand Prix Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet 24 Jun.
9 Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull Ring, Spielberg 1 Jul.
10 British Grand Prix Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone 8 Jul.
11 German Grand Prix Hockenheimring, Hockenheim 22 Jul.
12 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungaroring, Budapest 29 Jul.
13 Belgian Grand Prix Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot 26 Aug.
14 Italian Grand Prix Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza 2 Sept.
15 Singapore Grand Prix Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore 16 Sept.
16 Russian Grand Prix Sochi Autodrom, Sochi 30 Sept.
17 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka International Racing Course, Suzuka 7 Oct.
18 United States Grand Prix Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas 21 Oct.
19 Mexican Grand Prix Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City 28 Oct.
20 Brazilian Grand Prix Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo 11 Nov.
21 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi 25 Nov.

This was my guide: Formula 1 streaming: Where to watch formula 1 online? F1 live stream Stay tuned for more articles coming soon.

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