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Hello dear reader,

and welcome to my website. You can call me Wade. For the last 12 years, I’ve had to travel around the world for my work. I work in IT, not for a security or VPN company. I’ve travelled far, and I’ve travelled often, sometimes for long periods of time. Being on the road brings its load of security problems: How to maintain a secure and reliable access to your data? How to browse the web freely from anywhere? How to access your favourite TV show, or the latest game of your team? All these questions (and even more) I asked myself, every time I face an issue. And I had to find the answers by myself!

In today’s ultra-connected world, online security is a must. If you’re on this website, you know it (or you’re about to learn about it). That’s why VPN Services, or Virtual Private Network services for newbies, have become a necessity for people like me, who have to travel worldwide, and for multinational companies with offices in different countries. I had the opportunity to try and test several VPN Services and I decided to share my knowledge and experience with you on this website.

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To share information and to stay abreast of new technologies is a hobby and a passion. I want to become one of the top review sites for VPN services, providing you with the details of the latest and current happenings, news, blogs and a lot more. I’ll be your source to get news and details on what’s happening in the world of VPN technology.

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I pride myself to do real tests for each VPN before writing a detailed and unbiased review: ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, IPVanish, NordVPN,  and the list goes on. You will find technical specifications, of course, but not only. I’ll let you know how to use the services and how to access them for streaming your favourite channels and browsing your favourite websites, without worrying about existing restrictions and bans. I’ll help you make the right purchase decision, so you can embrace true internet freedom and online security.

Learn the tips and tricks of VPN services and online security

In my tips & tricks section, you will learn how to enjoy freedom on the internet and how to protect your privacy. You will easily be able to access all your favourite TV shows online on Netflix, all your favourite social media, all your favourite news channels… I often receive emails from other users living abroad, and I am happy to exchange views, suggestions, and ways to browse and maintain the respect of our privacy.

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Stay tuned for the best seasonal discounts and coupon offerings. I always look for the best and most affordable VPN services and when I find one, I’m offering it to you right away.


The mission of Best VPN is to empower you with the knowledge you need to ensure your privacy and safety online. I believe that privacy is a right! By providing relevant information and recommending tools to users, it is my desire to see everyone become vigilant with their online privacy, use of electronic devices, and digital footprint. When we go online, we are essentially blind to the threats that lurk: hackers, phishers, and even governments spying on their citizens!

I publish free and open-access content for everyone’s use. We believe in digital equality and privacy as a cornerstone of a truly democratic society. Therefore, I do not subscribe to paid membership rules. Everything is free, and everyone is welcome.

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Privacy Explained Simply

Privacy – it’s a right that so many of us take for granted. The only way to get people to act on their online privacy is to deliver information in the simplest possible way. People are already intimidated with jargon and complicated explanations. This is why my free guides abide by the KISS philosophy. In other words, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I believe in this design principle strongly. Basically, it says that systems perform the best if they are designed simply, instead of complicated. Keeping things stupidly simple is actually an indicator of great design! Therefore, when reviewing online privacy and security solutions, the simpler my presentation, the better.


Because too much complexity confounds people. If explanations are too abstract or difficult, people lose interest in hearing the rest of what you need to say. Since I aspire for user empowerment, the only way I can educate to the broadest audience possible on how to secure your online privacy is to keep things simple. My guides are written in simple language that is both relatable and informative.

So, whether you’re a newbie on your online privacy journey or already an advanced user, the solutions I feature on my site should speak to you.

What sets us apart from all other online privacy websites?

What TheBestVPN.uk Stand For

TheBestVPN.uk is 100% ad-free

I developed TheBestVPN.UK as a medium to educate and empower, and accepting advertising payments would limit my objectivity.

It’s basic, really. When my site depends on earnings from paid advertising, it will be hard to say this product is problematic.

Besides, ads are also privacy risks. When you click on ads, you allow yourself to be tracked down. That kind of goes against the very principles I stand for!

I refuse any paid ranking, content, or link schemes

No company can persuade us to rank or recommend their product or service at a price. I also don’t feature paid content on my site or sponsor posts authored by companies trying to promote their own product or service. What I do is emphasize a variety of security and online privacy solutions – unpaid.

Also, I refuse to engage in any manner of paid link arrangements. This means I do not accept payment to link to specific blogs, articles, websites, and others. There is virtually no payment involved in links and content I feature on my website.

No to paid reviews

I recommend solutions that I have tested myself and proven to be worth endorsing to my audience. I disengage myself from the practice of allowing companies to hire us to “review” their product or service. This is a popular modus operandi online. But we know the real intention in this arrangement is to really buy a review from us.

I don’t enter into agreements that can compromise my independence and objectivity. Whatever I recommend here comes from my own testing and honest-to-goodness evaluation. No amount or payment can make us change or amend my reviews, either.

Unbiased and independent

I believe that great product reviews are earned, not bought. But I acknowledge that in this industry, self-serving reviews appear to be the trend. Reports are circulating about VPN firms developing their own sites or purchasing review sites. Some VPN review sites actually own the VPN products they endorse to readers.

Keeping Best VPN alive

As I said, I don’t rely on paid subscriptions or paid advertising. Goodwill and donations of the readers keep this site alive. But donations are hard to come by, and I need every help I can get to keep this project running.

Here’s how you can show your support:

  • Word of mouth – or clicks. Please share my site to other readers.
  • Link, link, link. You can also link to my reviews and articles!
  • Buy products and services off of my site. If you do, I get a small commission.