How to Watch Big Bash League Live Stream in the UK 2024

Big Bash League live stream or BBL is considered as one of the topmost cricket leagues worldwide, alongside other T20 leagues like IPL. Being one of the most popular domestic Cricket Leagues of Australia, BBL follows the same format as T20 and has 8 teams in total.

In this post today, we’re going to learn how you can watch Big Bash live stream in the UK.

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Best Streaming Sites or Platforms to Watch Big Bash Live Stream

Since the Big Bash League is one of the biggest T20 domestic cricket leagues across the globe, it goes without saying that every year, they have an increasing number of dedicated fans who wish to see the game from the comfort of their homes. This is when the BBL fans start to look for sites that live stream Big Bash league.

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If you are reading this, there is a 100% chance that you too are looking for sites that will enable you to live stream Big Bash League 2024. So, to make life a lot easier for you, I have listed down some of the best sites where you can see the Big Bash live streaming online.

Fox Sports

This season, you will be able to see the bbl live streaming on Fox Sports, which is one of the most dedicated channels for live streaming Big Bash league, along with other domestic and international games.

Fox Sports owes it all to Fox Cricket who will be broadcasting all of the 61 games for the men’s teams and all 54 for the women’s teams. There are also other alternatives like Foxtel Sports to see the Big Bash live streaming which has been discussed below.

Sony Pictures Sports Network

Sony Pictures Sports Network is a channel plus OTT platform which is primarily based in India with more than 700 million viewers and is also accessible in 167 other countries worldwide.

A subsidiary of the Sony Corporation, the Sony Pictures Sports Network will be telecasting this year’s Big Bash League 2021 to cater to a wider range of audiences by live streaming bbl on its OTT platform called SonyLIV, as well as on SONY SIX channels.

Sky Sports

Being one of the leading subscription TV Channels in the UK, Sky Sports will be telecasting this year’s BBL. Operated by Sky Group, you will be able to enjoy live broadcasting of the BBL from Sky Sports News.

Sky sports mainly focuses on all the major sporting events in UK plus other premiere leagues held all around the world. If you live somewhere in the UK or New Zealand, Sky Sports should definitely be your first choice if you want to live stream BBL 2021.

BT Sport

Planning to see the Big Bash League live streaming free on websites? BT Sport should be your go-to link, especially if you want to enjoy the tournament in the UK. They also have a dedicated app for their viewers to see the Big Bash live streaming this season. BT Sport will broadcast all 57 matches of BBL, live.

You can also avail of a contract-free monthly pass that BT Sport offers at the rate of £25.

Issues with Watching Big Bash Live Streaming on Those Channels

When watching an international and popular sporting experience like the BBL, it is a given that there will be an unusual amount of traffic on the platforms where you can live stream Big Bash League. Apart from this, chances are you’ll have to overcome some additional issues while live streaming Big Bash league.

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Here are some of the issues that you will most likely have to face while using Big Bash live streaming platforms.

Extreme Buffering for Big Bash Live Stream

Who hasn’t been a victim of buffering in the 21st century? I am positive that we have all experienced this dreadful issue at least a couple of times throughout life. If you are not familiar with the term ‘buffering,’ here’s what it means – have you ever waited for a video to load on YouTube only to close the app because you no longer want your internet to be this slow?

Since the BBL is an international sports event, it is highly likely for the platforms to be bombarded with unusual traffic because of the dedicated fans who do not want to miss the Big Bash live streaming.

Geographical Restrictions for Big Bash Live Stream

Live streaming Big Bash league might end up becoming a trouble if you are living in the UK as it is an international sporting event in Australia. Even though BT Sport and Sky Sports will be live streaming Big Bash league, you might still face issues due to a geographical lock.

So, what is the one way out when you can’t live stream Big Bash league for geographical restrictions? You use a VPN.

Issues with Speed & Quality

BBL has fans from all over the world. It is quite possible to face connectivity issues on match day when you live stream Big Bash league. This might be because all the other local servers near you will also be trying to live stream Big Bash league.

While live streaming Big Bash, the game might pause from time to time due to low bandwidth issues.

Watch the Big Bash Live Streaming on Those Platforms with a VPN to Maximize Streaming Experience

If you want to eliminate the risk of buffering, geographical lock and all the other possible issues while live streaming Big Bash, then investing in a VPN might be your only way out!

However, free VPNs won’t do the job for you as they also come with added security risks. So your one-stop solution to all your problems while watching live streaming Big Bash would be to get a paid VPN service like ExpressVPN, which is one of the best VPN services out there.

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Best VPN to Live Stream Big Bash League

Almost all the VPN services out there compete against each other with irresistible offers for their users. However, if you want to choose the best VPN service in the market to live stream Big Bash league, I suggest you take a look at the list below –

Best All Round 1 ExpressVPN | Review and cost 2024
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3 CyberGhost | Review and cost 2024
4 IPVanish | Review and cost 2024
5 NordVPN | Review and cost 2024

Additional benefits of a VPN for Big Bash Live Streaming

Apart from enjoying live streaming Big Bash on your device, a paid VPN service can open doors to almost all the limitations one might face while using the internet.

Remember those Netflix shows that are not available in the region you are in? You can access those too using a paid VPN service.


1. What is the best paid VPN for Big Bash Live Stream?

ExpressVPN is the best paid VPN that offers top-notch service with access to over 160 servers worldwide.

2. How long is the free trial for ExpressVPN?

The free trial for ExpressVPN lasts for 30 days.


As the BBL is gaining popularity by the day, it is better to be well-prepared beforehand, so that you are not interrupted by any technical issues while live streaming the game. Hence, we would suggest you invest in a paid VPN service like ExpressVPN and live stream the BBL without any disruptions.


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