How to watch Hotstar in the UK using VPN 2024

Hotstar is a popular choice for streaming Bollywood films and Indian TV programmes. But it isn’t available everywhere. In the UK and other parts of Europe, for example, Hotstar live streaming is not possible under normal circumstances. When you go to the site, a message would appear saying to watch Hotstar UK is not an allowed location.

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How to watch Hotstar UK?

To stream your favourite Indian programmes on Hotstar in the UK, what you need is a Hotstar VPN. By giving you an Indian IP address, a VPN can unblock Hotstar’s geo-restrictions, giving you access to the full selection of content.

To achieve successful unblocking, the VPN for Hotstar must have a wide selection of servers in India. These countries are where Hotstar is unrestricted, so if you appear to be accessing the service from those locations, you will have no problems.

Also, when choosing a Hotstar VPN live streaming or Hotstar sports in the UK, you also need to find one that has high-speed servers. These would allow you to stream in ultra-high-definition for the best viewing experience, especially if you watch content on a 4K TV.

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What is the best Hotstar VPN?

Based on our assessment, the top spot goes to ExpressVPN. It has blazing-fast servers for streaming, as well as powerful region unblocking, which allows you to stream with the Hotstar app to your heart’s content. Alternatively, you can choose from any of the VPNs on this list.

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The best part is the price. The top premium VPN will not empty your wallet with its affordable monthly plans. Its pricing options are also flexible, so whether you need the VPN for a short while or the long term for Hotstar live streaming, you can pick a plan that suits your needs.

In addition to a wonderful Hotstar streaming experience, the best VPN to watch Hotstar has a few more advantages. The best one is it has robust security features that protect your online identity.

ExpressVPN combines two industry standards: 256-bit AES encryption and the OpenVPN protocol. These measures ensure that your data remains scrambled as it goes through the Internet. Also, spies and other nosey individuals cannot directly see your online activity. No one will know what programmes you watch on Hotstar, as well as what other websites you visit.

For additional protection, this VPN for Hotstar is backed by a strict no-logs policy, which means it does not keep records of your Internet activity. This is an extra privacy measure any reputable VPN ought to have.

How to use a VPN to watch Hotstar in UK?

  1. Subscribe to a plan with your preferred VPN provider.
  2. Download the VPN app to your computer or mobile phone.
  3. Connect to the VPN using a server based in India.
  4. Download Hotstar’s app or use the website to log in.
  5. Enjoy streaming a huge selection of Indian programmes, music, live sport, and films.

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Can I use a free VPN to access Hotstar UK?

Most people are wary of using a VPN because of the cost. Instead, they try using free VPN services that claim to work with Hotstar UK. While they may work at first, there are some things you need to know about free VPNs when Hotstar live streaming and getting Hotstar download. VPN for Hotstar services require significant investments to maintain their servers and to continuously provide quality of service.

A VPN that makes zero revenue is not a sustainable business model. Therefore, even free VPNs have to make money. The scary part is that they use dodgy methods to earn. For example, some free VPNs pass on your real IP address to its paid users. Others log your data and sell it to third parties. Such practices defeat the primary purpose of a VPN, which is to protect your privacy on the Internet.

If those weren’t bad enough, free VPNs are also known to have slow, unreliable servers. The speeds you get are just not good enough for streaming. Moreover, the servers are limited to a few countries, which may not allow the unblocking of Hotstar UK’s geo-restrictions.

In short, it is not worth your while to stream Hotstar UK with a free VPN. Always go with a paid, reputable provider.

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FAQ: Hotstar VPN

What is it?

Hotstar is a streaming service, much like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. The difference is that Hotstar focuses on providing content from India.

What can I watch on it?

You can watch a range of programmes, including live cricket, Bollywood films, news, and some Indian local TV channels.

How much does it cost?

There are two pricing tiers: Premium and VIP. Hotstar VIP is at Rs 400 ($5) per year, while the Premium plan is Rs 1500 ($20) per year.

How to register?

You can subscribe to a plan on the official website, or you may download the Hotstar app to register on your mobile device.

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If you’re a big fan of Bollywood and other Indian content, and you’d like to watch them from the UK, Hotstar live streaming is a great option to consider. To bypass its geo-restrictions, use a VPN like ExpressVPN, which will unblock Hotstar in the UK. This way, you’ll freely be able to watch live cricket, the latest episodes of your favourite Indian TV series, and the best movies from Bollywood.

In addition to unrestricted Hotstar UK live streaming, the best VPN for Hotstar also gives you solid protection online. It secures your data with industry-standard encryption protocols, and it keeps your activity known to you alone. You can then go online worry-free, away from those creepy trackers, targeted ads, and the many other things that spy on your activity online.


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