DroidVPN Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

droidvpn review

There are so many VPN services to choose from these days. Every other day, a new name enters the tech sphere. But how do I know which ones are actually good? You already know that the free ones are unreliable. But even paid VPNs can be a waste of money sometimes. Lucky for you, I have made a completely honest DroidVPN review to help you decide.

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Last updated: 15 July 2024

A Little Background Info

Droid VPN was founded in December 2011. Its registered address is in the Philippines. It is primarily a premium app for Android, but you can now also install it on Windows and MAC. With over 10 million downloads since its launch in the Google Play Store, it has proved its worth. It has an average rating of 4.12 stars based on reviews of 95.1 thousand users.

droidvpn review

It has only 6 servers in 2 countries in the free version which are the USA and the Netherlands. For the premium version, there are 22 servers in 7 countries which are the UK, USA, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and Singapore.

The app’s mission is to provide its users with a safer way to browse the internet by protecting their privacy. It also provides faster internet to its users. Their full list of features is below.

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Plenty of server switches
  3. Top-notch speed
  4. 9% uptime
  5. Access to all premium servers
  6. 7-day money-back guarantee

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Shortcomings of DroidVPN

While it has many features, it’s still not the perfect app. There are many shortcomings that I will now address.

The free version only lets you have access to 2 countries that only have 6 servers between them. While I already don’t advocate for free VPNs, its premium version isn’t all that great either. If you upgrade to premium, you only unlock 5 more countries and 18 more servers.

droid vpn review

The number of servers alone doesn’t determine your internet speed. While 22 sounds like quite a big number, if there are many users of the service, your internet will still be slow. Meanwhile, the free version will only let you use 100 MB a day which resets at midnight GMT +0.

One of the biggest complaints about this app is its connectivity issues. Many users have complained that it will take a long time to connect. Most of the time, it disconnects almost immediately after connecting. This can make it incredibly frustrating when you’re browsing because you have to constantly switch back and forth between apps. It’s even more so if you’re streaming a video.

Plans and Prices

Below are the payment plans for Droid VPN Premium.

droid vpn

1 Month Plan

  • $4.99 per month
  • 30 days premium access
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access all servers
  • Unlimited Server Switches

3 Months Plan

  • $4.66 per month
  • $13.99 quarterly
  • 90 days premium access
  • No-limit bandwidth
  • Access all servers
  • Unlimited server switches

6 Months Plan

  • $3.99 per month
  • $23.95 semi annually
  • 180 days premium access
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access all servers
  • Unlimited server switches

1 Year Plan

  • $2.99 per month
  • $35.88 annually
  • 365 days premium access
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Access all servers
  • Unlimited server switches

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Using DroidVPN for the Following Services

Droid VPN Review for Netflix

You can definitely use this app to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. You can use this app on an Android Smart TV so, which means a much bigger screen than your phone. To properly enjoy this feature, you will need to upgrade to premium because there isn’t much you can binge on just 100 MB a day.


Droid VPN Review for Torrenting

You can download torrent files using servers labelled “P2P”. If you accidentally use any other server, you will be penalised by having your account suspended for 1 hour. Regardless, this is a pretty good VPN service for torrenting.

Droid VPN Review for China

This app is available for use in China on 33 networks. Chinese users can use it with ease.

Droid VPN Review for Video Games

You can play online games using this app. It is quite fast on mobile so playing games using it shouldn’t be a problem.

Features of DroidVPN

Anonymous Browsing

You can use this app in order to avoid your government and ISP seeing what you do on this internet. The websites you visit will not be able to track your actual location.

droid vpn

Fast Internet Connection

When you use VPN, your ISP is getting changed. Any speed issues you would have without VPN would be because of your ISP. Once your VPN is enabled, you should no longer have slow speed because you get a different ISP.

Experimental Features

How many businesses let you add your own features? This app gives you the option to email its admins with feature suggestions. The admins will then do their best to integrate them for you.

Easy to Use

The browser has a simple and easy interface for anyone to be able to use.

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DroidVPN Review for Windows Devices

If you already have an account on your phone, you can simply log in after installing it on PC. Droid VPN for Windows is already functional, although more features like the HTTP protocol are still being added. The interface is pretty basic, and it is obvious the app is built with mobile use in mind.

droidvpn review

DroidVPN Review on Other OS

A new interface for MAC is being launched and Linux is on the way too. The MAC interface is quite new though so all the kinks have not been worked out quite yet.

Test Results

Speed is extremely important for experiencing VPN. Many factors could affect the speed. The distance between your device and the VPN server, number of users on the server, regional bandwidth restrictions, ISP, and processing power are a few.

droid vpn review

  • Download Speed Reduction: 50%
  • Upload Speed Reduction: 60%
  • Ping time to Google.com: 443ms
  • Average time to connect (seconds): 23

The fastest service is with ExpressVPN.

My review process had a few basic steps: DNS leaks, IP address leaks (IPv4 and IPv6), and WebRTC leaks using IPleak.net. I would have to say that DroidVPN successfully blocks DNS and IP address leaks. Regardless, the most secure service is ExpressVPN.

Droid VPN Review of Customer Service

There is no live support. No chat service or hotline is available for customer service. Email is the only way to contact customer support and it is support@droidvpn.com.

Droid VPN Review Conclusion

I hope my DroidVPN review was helpful in making you realize if it’s for you or not. At the end of the day, I will always recommend ExpressVPN because it is the fastest VPN and has the best features.

An expereinced VPN client with all basic features.
6.5 Total Score
DroidVPN Review 2024: Is it Better than ExpressVPN?

DroidVPN is one of the oldest VPN clients available to us. But it's still not the best in my opinion. Try ExpressVPN instead.

Privacy & Security
Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • Positive DNS leaks and IP address leaks result
  • Good for Android
  • Has free trial
  • Pricing is low
  • Can watch Netflix and Hulu
  • Very few countries and servers
  • Slower than competitors

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