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You can check out this purevpn review for an awesome PureVPN review that will help you make the right choice. Explore all about PureVPN and why it’s a top choice among users. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to enhance your online security and privacy!

Pure VPN is provided by a company from Hong Kong. It’s been on the market for almost 10 years now. And it’s one of the most affordable and most popular solution available today. With its high speed, many users who are desperate because of their poor internet connection use it to increase their broadband, and not only to unlock the content. Let’s review PureVPN in details now.

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PureVPN video review

Pure VPN, it’s fast and it’s cheap

And it’s good! With Pure VPN, you get safe and anonymous connection. Furthermore, apart from their standard packs, there is an added function called DEDICATED STREAMING.

Dedicated streaming is an application for those who have a slow connection. This option allows you to enter in a dedicated browser, given by PureVPN, where you can enjoy high speed internet. If you subscribe, you can also enter into the Smart DNS, to unblock TV streaming abroad in a fast way. This is a very neat option, but it comes with a cost.

PureVPN: Plans and pricing

PureVPN Plans and Pricing

There are so many promotions available all year round that you’ll never be paying the standard price! Just visit their website to get the latest discounts. PureVPN commercial policies are among the most aggressive in the market.

When I wrote this Pure VPN review, there were 3 plans available: a monthly plan, a 6-month plan with a 24% discount and an annual plan with 62% discount. I told you PureVPN was one of the cheapest on the market!

Furthermore, they support over 50 payment systems. It’s hard to make it easier for the customer.

Summary sheet for Pure VPN

Feature Value
Does it register your activities? Yes, it does - be careful what you do online
Is it safe for torrenting? Yes, you can use it for P2P
What Netflix catalogue is available? US
Simultaneous logins Up to 10 connections simultaneously
How many countries do it cover? 140+
On what platforms is it available? Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome
Money-back guarantee policy 31 days
Available protocols PPTP, IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN TCP, OpenVPN UDP, SSTP, WireGuard
Type of traffic data? Unlimited
Type of Cipher AES 256 bits, the most secure encryption in the World
How many IP Addresses does it provide? This provider does not disclose the number
How many servers are available? 2,000+

The VPN Pure VPN in details

A fast and safe VPN service

PureVPN has its own private network made of gigabit cables on more than 750 servers.

When you’re connected with PureVPN, your ISP has no access to what you do. And it can’t restrict your use of your connection (downloads, movies streaming…). All this is possible because you are protected by a VPN service.

Kill switch

This is a must for people who prioritize safety and privacy when they surf.

In practice, when an internet connection is interrupted, it’s possible to identify your IP address. However, this feature ensures that in this case, all data toward the outside are blocked. At least until the VPN connection with PureVPN is back. That way, it avoids your IP from being traceable during the disconnection.

PureVPN smart purpose selection

PureVPN Review

If you’re not an expert user, then PureVPN is for you! There is a menu which exists only to specify what you will be using it for. Just pick what you want to do and PureVPN will set itself up for you.

For example, if you want to watch a football game in Sky Go, you have just to select TV WATCHING UK. This is a real smart menu!

Emulated Servers, through other countries

Ok, this might get a little bit complicated here. I’ll try to keep it simple. Just imagine that some countries don’t have any physical server. Yet, in Pure VPN, you can select these countries anyway. How is that possible? The servers are emulated.

For example, Italy (to watch Sky Go from abroad) has an Italian and a US server. If you’re in the US and want to watch Sky Go, you’ll connect to that server, having a low latency.

There are also US servers throughout Asia and Europe.

Automatic protocol selection

With the Auto setting (for automatic), the software automatically chooses which protocol is the fastest and safest for your activities. How is that possible? When you use PureVPN, it will analyze your traffic (downloads, streaming, web surfing) and adapt its protocol to your usage.

PureVPN Review

5 simultaneous logins

With PureVPN you can connect at the same time up to 5 devices. Connect your computer, your phone and your tablet or give your friend an access to share the VPN service. You can also share the cost!

Split tunneling

PureVPN offers the Split Tunneling function. It means that you can decide which activities will pass through the VPN from the same internet connection.

Torrent and logging policy

PureVPN Review

Since January 2015, Pure VPN configured some servers to be better performing with torrents. The servers are ordered by country. Look for the P2P icons or look for P2P in the “purpose selection” under the “ file sharing” tab.

In addition, PureVPN has a NO LOGS policy. It only saves the kind of use, anonymously. And the broadband is unlimited.

Extra features

Here are the other features that Pure VPN offers. And these are now included in the package.

  • NAT Firewall: If you don’t have a Firewall or an antivirus, the VPN can protect your devices
  • Stealth VPN browser: An external browser, always secure, which saves your surfing data
  • Dedicated IP: An option to keep the same IP address, everywhere you want
  • HDX Streaming: High speed connection to watch streaming movies via UK or USA servers (Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, etc)
PureVPN is provided by a company from Hong Kong. It's been on the market for almost 10 years now. And it's one of the most affordable and most popular solution available today. With its high speed, many users who are desperate because of their poor internet connection use it to increase their broadband, and not to unlock content.
7.4 Total Score
Pure VPN Review: Excellent

PureVPN is a serious contender for the best VPN title. It's suitable for all those who need an easy-to-use VPN to watch streaming TV and download torrents. And it's so cheap!

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High speed connection
  • Affordable
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed, with no logs
  • User friendly
  • Few countries covered in Africa

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