Best VPN UK: A definitive guide for the best UK VPN service

Welcome to TheBestVPN.UK, your favourite tech blog about online privacy protection and my quest to find the best VPN service UK! I’ve started worrying about the safety of my private data a few years back when I realized how easy it was for snoopers to steal them. And when I learned about the global surveillance programs run by the USA, in cooperation with our own government. Since then, I’ve been looking for an effective counter-measure to protect my privacy. And the only one I found is to get VPN and use it at all times. But choosing a VPN for your needs is not easy. And that’s why I made my VPN reviews, to help you find the best VPN UK 2019!

Buy VPN UK? Because privacy is a right!

These days we’re all ultra-connected. But from the point of view of a security expert, it feels like we’re giving up privacy for convenience. And that’s where I draw the line. While I love new technologies that make our lives easier, they’ve increased the risks of third parties (governments, companies, hackers) to track us down. And the price to pay is too damn high! That’s why I recommend using the best VPN UK on all your devices: Desktop and mobile.

Maybe you don’t realize how much of your sensitive data is readily available online. And I’m not talking about what you’re willingly sharing on social media. But I’m talking about your digital footprint: All these bits of information that you leave when browsing websites. While they’re anonymized, it’s possible to gather them and to identify you and your browsing habits. And that’s why there are so many free services out there (looking for the best free VPN aren’t you?). Because these companies collect and sell your data to the highest bidder!

Not to mention hackers who can intercept your data over WiFi. Or the British security services who can legally snoop and hack your devices to check your browsing history, in the name of their fight against terrorism. The Internet is the wild west and everyone’s after your data. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Windows, Mac or Linux: We’re all concerned. So make yourself a present you won’t regret and buy VPN, especially with the best VPN service.

A UK VPN will keep you safe

I’ve written an article where I explain what is VPN. So I’ll keep it simple here. Keep it simple is my motto BTW. On this best VPN review blog, I make it a point to write in simple terms than you can understand, even if you’re not tech-savvy. And when it gets technical, you’ll find explanations and images to clarify each point.

A UK VPN service provides users with a secure, encrypted connection between their device and a VPN server. Most VPN providers call it a tunnel. And I’ll stick with this representation because it’s a great one. Indeed, it clearly shows that all the traffic goes through this tunnel, which protects your data from all snoopers.

best vpn uk tunnel

The best VPN UK obfuscates your traffic with a military grade encryption. As a result, no one can see your traffic: Not the GCHQ, not your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and not any hacker! Because the NSA’s using the same algorithm to protect their TOP SECRET documents. So it’s extremely reliable.

Of course, your traffic is back in the clear when it gets out of the tunnel so that websites can receive your requests. And that’s why you should only connect to websites with the https protocol, to keep your data encrypted at all times. You can see the padlock icon in the address bar of your browser when the site offers an SSL certificate. And if you check now, you’ll see that this website is secure! So you can find the best VPN service, risk-free.

In addition, the best VPN app hides your IP address behind the address of a server. It can be the address of a server that users share, or dedicated IP addresses. This allows you to browse websites anonymously. And to make sure no one can track and identify you.

Everyone needs the best VPN software

And don’t tell me that you’ve got nothing to hide! I’ve heard this sentence too many times and I can’t understand people giving up their right so easily. Because government surveillance programs threaten privacy all over the world. And people are fighting for it every single day. So join the resistance and protect your intimate area. While I don’t really appreciate the man, I think J. Assange is right when he says: “When society goes bad, it’s going to take you with it, even if you are the blandest person on earth.” Maybe you don’t feel threatened yet. But what about tomorrow, when it’s too late?

Already some people need to buy VPN to protect not only their privacy but also their life. Take the journalists, political activists or whistleblowers, for example, who put their life on the line only to do their job. Or simply to do what’s right. Thanks to a UK VPN, they can bypass internet censorship and communicate online safely. And the best VPN provider UK usually give away a free UK VPN for their protection. So if you feel like you deserve one, get in touch directly on the VPN website. Or just get the best VPN service by yourself.

What is the best VPN UK 2019?

First of all, I recommend only the best-paid VPN. Because you can’t get a premium service if you don’t pay for it. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, as you well know. But the price is important of course. So I focus on finding the best value VPN. And luckily enough, a cheap VPN UK can offer great protection and great features like the kill switch and IP leak protection. Privacy protection comes at an affordable cost!

The essential features will ultimately depend on your online activities. Because you can’t watch UK Netflix abroad if your provider doesn’t offer a dedicated server that works with the service. However, it’s still possible to decide what is the best VPN UK overall. It’s the one which allows you to do more activities online. And which provides the greatest experience, thanks to the number of servers, locations and simultaneous connexions.

Not to forget a strong customer support. Indeed, if you buy VPN, you want it to work. And if it doesn’t, for whatever reason, you need to get support immediately. While you could get help via email, the best VPN UK should offer live chat. So you can find the right server to watch UK TV abroad within minutes. What’s the point to get an answer after your favourite show’s over, right?

Below is my ranking of the best VPN UK, la crème de la crème. It doesn’t get better than this in terms of speed, privacy and unblocking. And you could honestly pick any of this top UK VPN. Some of them provide a free trial or a money back guarantee, to try the service.

My best VPN reviews UK

On this VPN site, I focus on VPN service reviews and speed tests. And they’re at the origin of the ranking above. Also, they’ve allowed me to determine what the best VPN UK is. I’ve been travelling frequently for my work. And I tried many Virtual Private Networks over the years. Because I realized on my first trip abroad that I couldn’t watch BBC iPlayer outside UK. Nor could I watch Sky Go abroad without a good VPN. That was a huge disappointment for me, alone in my hotel room with nothing interesting to stream.

Naturally, I’ve tried to find the best free VPN UK. Because I was stingy. But I soon became aware of the risks of being the product. And I couldn’t unblock US Netflix that way… So I started trying as many VPN providers UK as possible, to find the best VPN service with good speeds and no logs policy. And I didn’t want my time and my experience to go to waste. Therefore I started what is now (I hope) one of the best VPN sites. While you can find reviews of the free plans, I tend to try and comment only the features of the premium plans.

Not all Virtual Private Networks are created equal. And there’s much to consider before making up your mind. But I’m here to help you narrow your search for the best VPN UK: Reliable, secure and with a good value for the money. Also, I wrote articles dedicated to specific activities. I got you covered if you want a VPN for betting, a VPN for torrenting or a VPN for gaming. Everything you need to buy VPN!