DAZN’ confused no more: Get your DAZN live stream with a DAZN VPN!

This is the biggest news of the summer, especially for sports fans! Not that a new player entered the field of over-the-top subscription video streaming service dedicated to sports. Because this player has been streaming live sports since August 2016. But they’ve bought the rights to broadcast over 8,000 sports events every year. And I’m not talking about the Pancake Race of Olney, Buckinghamshire – even if this is worth a watch too! But about major events of major sports like football, basketball, Formula One and Mixed Martial Arts. Let’s go for this article, which isn’t really, a DAZN review.

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In this article, I won’t explain how to watch DAZN stream free. Because I’m a paid member of the platform (through a Canadian friend, thanks BTW dude). And I’m satisfied with their service. But, sadly, I don’t live in Canada – I just visit there sometimes. And I think it’s in my right to access their website and stream when I am abroad, despite their DAZN VPN block –  I mean…I pay for it. Thanks to the use of a DAZN VPN, I can do much more than accessing my well deserved paid membership! Hurray for DAZN with VPN ey? Keep reading…

What is DAZN?

As I mentioned in my introduction, it’s a streaming platform dedicated to live sports events – a bit like Netflix, but for sport. The company was founded in 2015, in London. But the platform was first launched in 3 countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Then in Japan, Canada, Italy and the US. And I hope DAZN UK will be available soon!

Because it’s not that easy to get your hands on an account. Indeed, you need a debit/credit card or PayPal account from the country where you want to sign up. And it’s really complicated to get these. And I can’t tell you that in this article. Maybe in another one, coming soon!

There’s another similarity with Netflix: The way it works. Indeed, subscribers have a global account. So if you’re in a service area, you’ll be able to watch the content of the area. And if you’re out of the service area, then you’re blocked… aka. DAZN VPN block.

The British streaming service is available on these devices, with native apps:

  • Mobile devices: Amazon Kindle Fire, Android phones, and tablets (Android and iOS)
  • TV and connected devices: Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, smart TVs (LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony), Roku TV and Roku Player
  • Game consoles: PlayStation (3, 4 and 4 Pro), Xbox One (S and X)

And you can watch many different sports on the DAZN live stream. Here are the main ones: Football (UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Premier League, Serie A), basketball (NBA, NCAA), American football (NFL), Baseball (MLB), Ice Hockey (NHL), motorsport (Formula 1, MotoGP), Tennis, Rugby (Six Nations, European Rugby Champions Cup, Premiership Rugby), combat sports (UFC) etc. And for the full list, head here.

However, you can’t watch all sports in all locations. At least not without a VPN (Or rather one that works together; DAZN with VPN)!

DAZN VPN: Which ones are working?

That’s a tough one. Because I’ve tried many VPN providers over the years I had this website. But I haven’t tried them all to watch DAZN live stream (yet). And the ones I’ve tried have mostly failed to unblock it… However, I’ve found a solution for you, if you’re a subscriber in any of the areas they serve. While it’s not totally happy with it, it’s the only workaround I could find. And I’ll keep investigating – and updating this article with information regarding VPN for DAZN and what can get around that annoying DAZN VPN block.

So if you’re abroad, in an area that is not covered by the British streaming service, you need to use a VPN. And you need to use this one:

You’ll be able to watch only one location: Canada which offers a lot of content. But it can be different from your own area… I know, I know… And that’s why it’s just a temporary bypass. As soon as I find something else to unblock all locations, I’ll let you know.

Not all sports are available in the Canadian version. But it’s better than nothing, right? And there might be exactly the sport you want to watch available.

Also, you must have heard of this VPN, which is the best overall on my blog. It’s great with speed, to watch DAZN live stream in the highest definition. And it’s perfect to protect your privacy, hide your IP address and download torrents. I’m pretty sure that they’ll up their game soon and enable new IPs to get the DAZN streaming, just you wait!

Finally, this VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, that you could combine with the free month offered by DAZN. So you could watch their streaming for FREE for one month. To benefit from this free month of service:

  1. Subscribe and install the VPN
  2. Subscribe to DAZN
  3. After 30 days, cancel your subscriptions – easy!

Pretty decent right? Will this be the VPN for DAZN that works best for you?


Get yourself a VPN

Using a VPN (DAZN with VPN) should be systematic these days, not only to bypass the geo-restrictions of your favorite streaming platforms (such as the DAZN VPN block). But also to protect your right to privacy. Of course, you’re reading this page to unblock DAZN live stream. And you’re correct: You can achieve this with a VPN – from any location, as a rule. But there are other things at stake online: One of them is your privacy.

As soon as you’re online (on any of your devices), snoopers start to track your activity across websites. And they can find out a lot about you, even from the anonymous bits of information you leave on each website you visit. They could even manage to find your identity and your address. Are you aware of that? Because you should.

Who’s spying on you? Almost everyone these days: Government agencies, companies, hackers. And they all have good reasons to do so: Protecting national security, making money for example. But you don’t have to put up with this mass surveillance. Just subscribe and use a VPN to browse the web anonymously.

To keep it short, a VPN is a security tool: It creates a tunnel between your device and its server. And in this tunnel, your data is safe from all snoopers. Because it’s encrypted with military grade encryption. Also, the VPN server hides your real IP address behind its own. So you can really remain anonymous.


Maybe today you’ve just discovered a great new streaming service dedicated to sports in my DAZN review. And if you are still looking for a DAZN free stream, I’m sorry but I don’t have any recommendation. Because there isn’t any actually…

And what I offer you instead is a solution to keep watching the service you pay for (DAZN with VPN), when you’re out of the service area. While it’s limited to the DAZN Canada, you’ll get the full experience in HD. Just as if you were in Ottawa. But without the shaved meat roasted on a spit. Hurray for VPN for DAZN.

In addition, when you use a VPN, you can protect your privacy and increase your security when connected. So there’s really more than just watching sports stream: It’s about your life and the lives of your loved ones! Now get out there and get around the darn DAZN VPN block with a VPN for DAZN.


Some say I’m the personification of the internet - not sure if it’s a compliment though. I love to bury myself in the depths of the online world. And I have many years of experience in internet marketing. Tracking every single development, following the latest tech news is a true passion. But my favorite part is focusing on Internet security and how Internet users can best protect themselves and their data.

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