How to Watch American Netflix in the United Kingdom?

Do I need to introduce Netflix? The American company took over the world of on-demand streaming a few years back. Their library is huge, with movies and series. And it offers first-class, original, content: House of Cards, Narcos and Orange Is the New Black among others. Netflix is available in over 190 countries, however with different catalogs. In this article, I’ll explain how to get American Netflix from the UK to enjoy the latest shows.

Unblock US Netflix to watch restricted content

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can only access Netflix UK and its catalog, while in the UK. Indeed, Netflix offers a kind of “global subscription”. You can watch the catalog of the country where you’re staying, and only this one. It has to do with rights for the television and cinema stakeholders. As a result, Netflix puts some restrictions on the content depending on your country and your IP address.

How to watch American Netflix

Therefore, you can’t watch American Netflix in the UK. And you can’t get Netflix UK from abroad. Yes, that sucks. Because the library of Netflix USA offers more series and all the latest episodes that are not yet available in the UK. Fortunately for you and me, there is a workaround. So, let’s see how to get American Netflix!

How do I get American Netflix? A solution exists!

Admittedly, Netflix would prefer there wasn’t any solution, but you’ve found the right website. Thanks Google! Here is the thing: To unblock Netflix US and get access to restricted content you need a VPN. Ok so what’s a VPN? A virtual private network (VPN) is a software that allows you to pretend to be somewhere else. Get it? You can make Netflix “believe” that you’re physically in the US, while you’re on your couch in Manchester.

And as I explained above, if Netflix sees you are physically in the US, you’ll get US Netflix catalog. Checkmate Netflix!

Basically the VPN software will make you pass for a user from another country. It creates a link between your computer and a server that is located in the country in which you want to pretend to be. Then, this server connects to Netflix to get the content and sends it back to you. If you want more technical details, check my other guides. I’ve written a lot of awesome articles about VPN for dummies, and VPN reviews.

How can i get American Netflix

There are many VPN services available on the market. You must choose the right one, because some of them don’t work with Netflix. Why? The rights, remember… Because Netflix has begun banning VPNs. Just follow my recommendations to get a proper VPN to watch American Netflix. Even if there are free VPN on the market, most probably they won’t work properly with Netflix. The VPN working with Netflix will require a monthly subscription between £4 and £8.

Netflix War: The VPNs strike back

There is a merciless war raging between Netflix and the VPNs. Actually, Netflix keeps blocking the VPN servers which are dispatched in the US, the UK, Australia etc. How? They ban the IP addresses of these servers.

To strike back, VPN companies must constantly renew the IPs of their servers. This way you can keep watching US Netflix from the UK.

How do I get American Netflix

In this war, there’s collateral damage. I’m talking about American Internet users living in the United States who use a VPN for security reasons. Sometimes, they have to temporarily disable their VPN in order to be able to watch US Netflix. Otherwise, Netflix blocks them because they could be non-Americans using a VPN. Dude, WTF.

What VPN to unblock US Netflix?

This is the million-dollar question. You’re here to know how to get US Netflix, I know. Netflix Inc. put the means to monitor the VPNs and block them as quickly as possible.

I know that their teams regularly visit websites like mine. They need to stay up-to-date with the VPN services that works with Netflix. Obviously, my site is only one of their many sources of information.

I already received requests from “small” VPN companies, asking me not to mention them. Even if their software works with US Netflix. Because they can’t fight back and change their servers IP addresses as fast as they get banned. That’s why I won’t mention any small VPN in my Top 5 VPN for Netflix below.

Best VPNs to get American Netflix

Now’s the most important part of the article: My ranking of the best Netflix VPN. I made this selection of VPN to get US Netflix based on 3 criteria:

  1. My experience with the VPN: I like some VPNs better than others…
  2. The speed of the VPN: You want to watch streaming videos on American Netflix, so it’s a must.
  3. The VPN gets blocked: Never, from time to time, regularly…

VyprVPN Review and cost

VyprVPN is the VPN of a Swiss company, which promotes privacy, security and access to a free and open Internet. ...

2 Express VPN Review and cost

Express VPN Review and cost

ExpressVPN is one of the oldest and most popular VPN available on the market. And it's one of my favorites. Why? ...

3 NordVPN Review and cost (Dec 2017)

NordVPN Review and cost (Dec 2017)

NordVPN has been on the market only a few years. But it's growing fast lately. The VPN is provided by a company in ...

4 PrivateVPN | Review and cost (Update Aug 2017)

PrivateVPN | Review and cost (Update Aug 2017)

Private is a Swedish VPN founded in 2009. While it's not one of the leaders on the market, it offers a secure and ...

The score associated with the VPNs above does not necessarily reflect the ranking of this page. Because it's a global score of my overall ranking of the best VPN. And I took into account many other criteria.

As you can understand, this Top 5 regularly evolves. Some VPNs might win or loses their spot. But all the VPN services in this list will allow you to unblock US Netflix. You can trust me on that.

Here’s the proof for ExpressVPN:

How to watch American Netflix?

Now I’ll try to explain how to get American Netflix. I prepared a kind of step by step guide. But it’s generic, because each VPN has a different (but similar) process.

  1. Choose a VPN from the list above
  2. Click the orange “WEBSITE” button to access the VPN homepage and get the latest promotions
  3. Create your account and subscribe to their service
  4. Download, install, and launch their software (it’s very simple)
  5. In the software, select a server located in the USA – Very important
  6. Click “Connect”
  7. Go to Netflix or refresh the page in your browser, it’s over, you are on US Netflix

That’s it! You’re now on American Netflix. Finally, you can watch the latest content without restrictions. And you’re welcome.

This was my guide: how to get American Netflix? Stay tuned for more articles coming soon.

How to watch American Netflix

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