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The mission of Best VPN is to empower you with the knowledge you need to ensure your privacy and safety online. We believe that privacy is a right! By providing relevant information and recommending tools to users, it is our desire to see everyone become vigilant with their online privacy, use of electronic devices, and digital footprint. When we go online, we are essentially blind to the threats that lurk: hackers, phishers, and even governments spying on their citizens!

We publish free and open-access content for everyone’s use. We believe in digital equality and privacy as a cornerstone of a truly democratic society. Therefore, we do not subscribe to paid membership rules. Everything is free, and everyone is welcome.

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Privacy Explained Simply

Privacy – it’s a right that so many of us take for granted. The only way to get people to act on their online privacy is to deliver information in the simplest possible way. People are already intimidated with jargon and complicated explanations. This is why, at Best VPN, our free guides abide by the KISS philosophy. In other words, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

We believe in this design principle strongly. Basically, it says that systems perform the best if they are designed simply, instead of complicated. Keeping things stupidly simple is actually an indicator of great design! Therefore, when reviewing online privacy and security solutions, the simpler our presentation, the better.


Because too much complexity confounds people. If explanations are too abstract or difficult, people lose interest in hearing the rest of what you need to say. Since we aspire for user empowerment, the only way we can educate to the broadest audience possible on how to secure your online privacy is to keep things simple. Our guides are written in simple language that is both relatable and informative.

So, whether you’re a newbie on your online privacy journey or already an advanced user, the solutions we feature on our site should speak to you.

What sets us apart from all other online privacy websites?

What We Stand For

We are 100% ad-free

We don’t take payments for advertising at all. Best VPN maintains its integrity by clearing ourselves of any conflict of interest. We developed this website as a medium to educate and empower, and accepting advertising payments would limit our objectivity.

It’s basic, really. When our site depends on earnings from paid advertising, it will be hard to say this product is problematic.

Besides, ads are also privacy risks. When you click on ads, you allow yourself to be tracked down. That kind of goes against the very principles we stand for!

We refuse any paid ranking, content, or link schemes

No company can persuade us to rank or recommend their product or service at a price. We also don’t feature paid content on our site or sponsor posts authored by companies trying to promote their own product or service. What we do is emphasize a variety of security and online privacy solutions – unpaid.

Also, we refuse to engage in any manner of paid link arrangements. This means we do not accept payment to link to specific blogs, articles, websites, and others. There is virtually no payment involved in links and content we feature on our website.

We say No to paid reviews

Best VPN does not perform any paid reviews. We recommend solutions that we have tested ourselves and proven to be worth endorsing to our audience. We disengage ourselves from the practice of allowing companies to hire us to “review” their product or service. This is a popular modus operandi online. But we know the real intention in this arrangement is to really buy a review from us.

At Best VPN, we don’t enter into agreements that can compromise our independence and objectivity. Whatever we recommend here comes from our own testing and honest-to-goodness evaluation. No amount or payment can make us change or amend our reviews, either.

We do not collect visitor data

Online traffic sells. Companies use invasive tracking technologies to collect your information and profit off of them. This is why invasive tracking software is a nightmare for online privacy. Best VPN does not rely on Google Analytics and any software that collects citizen data. When you visit our site, we use software that automatically obscures visitor IP addresses. It is also in full compliance of data privacy laws and Privacy Shield-certified.

Unbiased and independent

We believe that great product reviews are earned, not bought. But we acknowledge that in this industry, self-serving reviews appear to be the trend. Reports are circulating about VPN firms developing their own sites or purchasing review sites. Some VPN review sites actually own the VPN products they endorse to readers.

Best VPN functions as a fully independent and neutral party. We do not have any proprietary or financial interest in whatever product or service we feature on our website. Best VPN is fully operated and owned as a single-member LLC by a digital rights activist without any external investor, owner, or financial partner.

Meet and Greet Best VPN’s Founder

Wade’s great passion is digital privacy rights. As a privacy activist, his primary goal in life is educating people so that they can make their online security and privacy a priority. After living abroad and being subject to censorship and geographical restrictions, he believes that everyone should get their hands on tools like VPN. He reviews various VPN offerings, tests them, and evaluates them objectively. This site is where he hopes you can make better decisions as he shares his reviews with the audience.

Keeping Best VPN alive

Like we said, Best VPN does not rely on paid subscriptions or paid advertising. Goodwill and donations of our readers keep this site alive. But donations are hard to come by, and we need every help we can get to keep this project running.

Here’s how you can show your support:

  • Word of mouth – or clicks. Please share our site to other readers.
  • Link, link, link. You can also link to our reviews and articles!
  • Buy products and services off of our site. If you do, we get a small commission.